IRIS – The Annual Management & Cultural Fest of IIM Indore

IRIS is the annual management and cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Management Indore and will be held on 13th, 14th and 15th November 2014. Initially spread over two different fests – Ahvan, the management fest and Mridang, the cultural fest, this year sees these two events come together to bring forth IRIS 2014, which promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The past year alone boasts of participation of close to 10,000 students from over 50 B-Schools across the country. IRIS 2014 will play host to a plethora of challenging management events in every domain to test a manager’s aptitude. The cultural events will add to the festivities and make for an exciting experience.

The theme for this year is ‘Construe, Commit, Contribute’, which aims to highlight the role that each of us play in the larger scheme of things. We must interpret the world around us, not only as managers but also as humans, in order to understand and carry out our purpose better. We commit to a pledge to embody our personal and professional values and stand by them in every endeavour. And lastly, we must not stand idly by while the power to initiate action remains firmly in our grasp and to instead proactively aid in the fruition of that action.

This year, IRIS will witness ‘Drona’, a unique new initiative to mentor the leaders of tomorrow. 10 undergraduate students aspiring for a career in management will be carefully selected for a mentorship program that would be conducted on the IIM Indore campus during IRIS ’14. From there, mock GDs and interviews coupled with experiences shared by PGP students would provide them information they can leverage to their advantage.

Voice of Indore, a flagship event of IRIS, will once again see the top singing talent of Indore set the stage on fire. VOI will put contestants through two rounds of auditions. The selected finalists will get a chance to perform live with a band before a packed audience and vie for the top prize!

Over the years, IRIS has garnered a tremendous following through a wide variety of events. Here’s a preview of the flagship events under the IRIS umbrella:


Ashwamedha is the multi-disciplinary flagship leadership event of IRIS. Participants are handpicked and pitted against each other in a quest to attain ultimate glory. Conceptualised by Dr. Vijay Menon, Ashwamedha is known for reinventing itself every year, making it all the more unpredictable and one of the most awaited events among B-schools. This year marks the 12th edition of Ashwamedha and the theme is ‘Leaders carve their own path’.


Chanakya was a royal advisor who has perpetuated through time as wise and insightful consultant of the past. Flash forward to the present day and you have IRIS channelling his spirit through ‘Chanakya’ – the flagship consulting event. The event will see participants formulating and implementing strategies, gauging trends and soliciting feedback, all in a corporate context to simulate consulting in big organizations.

Gordian Knot

From the ancient lands of Phrygia rises the legendary tale of Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot. Today it refers to a seemingly intractable problem that can be solved by ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. Gordian Knot as the flagship marketing event of IRIS, creates these ‘knots’ through a variety of demanding tasks with tight deadlines that require participants to apply their marketing aptitude and make tough but rational decisions in order to emerge the ultimate victors.


Klueless boasts of a decade-long legacy and a huge fan following that awaits the annual event with bated breath. It is a one of a kind online treasure hunt cum puzzle solving competition that sends participants on a frantic quest to scour the internet and their mind to best each level of the game and win a coveted spot in the Klueless Hall of Fame!


Kalpavriksha is the flagship social B-plan event of IRIS. More than anything, it is a unique testing field where sustainable business plans take flight, with mentoring from field experts and opportunities to attract seed funding. This is where the aspiration to be an agent of change in society melds with pragmatism to create sound business plans with strong potential. The event has a long standing history of creating success stories that have impacted society.

Chain Reaction

To be a successful manager, you ought to have a knack for operations. If you think you are good enough, come showcase your prowess at the flagship operations event of IRIS, Chain-Reaction. The competition goes through a process of an online round followed by case study analysis for selected contestants and then the final 5 teams will work on a real-life case study for a company which will be presented at the IIM Indore campus.

Finance League

Do you wish to be tomorrow’s CFOs? Do you have it in you to manage the mind boggling aspects of banking and equity? Can you crack the no-brainer derivatives? If yes, then come show us your skills at Finance League, IRIS’ flagship event in finance, where you would go through quizzes and case studies, rightly designed, to give you the quintessential Wall Street experience.


Is your appetite for knowledge insatiable? Are you a huge repository of knowledge and facts? This is the ultimate test to your claim! Jigyaasa will have the most apt quizzes that will not only keep you on your toes but also tingle those brain cells to realize your true quizzing potential! What’s more? We cover it all – Bizzinesia, the business quiz, for the “B-freaks” and SPENT, for the Sports and Entertainment buffs.


 Come be a part of the festivities at IRIS 2014!