It’s not only about the top B-schools anymore.

So, my Cousin, now an IBS alumni got placed with a very decent package of 6 lacs per annum. Now, I know the sum is not insanely high but considering he was a fresher and has been an average student all his life, I consider this no less than a miracle. What about all these new crop of private institutes, like Amity IBS etc, who charge a hefty fees, but a good placement is guaranteed and even at par with the best colleges if you perform well in your college and pass out with high CGPA?

Now, compare this to any typical IIM student who has maintained a stellar record all throughout his academics and placed with a slightly better package… Its very easy to get into all these private MBA colleges, you barely need anything but money… so, is this what it has come down to? Or the real picture is different from what I perceive it to be? You may even look up the websites of these colleges.. where the highest package is listed over 12 lacs.. ┬áso is the info correct? or are these just false claims? and if yes, where does that leaves IIMs and the likes when you can get into any of these colleges easily and expect a similar package?

Ps – Please note, Im not talking about the prestigious ISB Hyderabad or for that matter, IBS Hyderabad either.

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