It’s Not Just ACT II Popcorns – Rahul’s Internship Experience At AgroTech Foods Limited – IIFT

For many students following the conventional education curriculum, the onset of summers means soothing vacations, taxing examinations coming to a halt, and an opportunity to shed the pounds gained eating junk food during the late-night study sessions. However, while the rest of the student community typically spend their time pool-side, soaking up the sun and meliorating their tans, MBA grads spend their summers interning with companies as they try to maneuver their career trajectories.

When I began my MBA journey fresh out of engineering college in July 2015, I couldn’t quite make up my mind. Determining what the domain, role, and company that would befit me seemed a mammoth task. I used to pick my seniors’ minds about their internship experiences, the surprises, the shocks, the pleasant and the unexpected things, they faced. This only made me look forward to my first ever corporate experience. I wanted to make the most of this obligatory summer internship where I could get a whiff of what my post-MBA career would be. My goals were distilled to become a sales and marketing wizard.

From the very first day with AgroTech Foods Limited, I was welcomed into the team where I would be expected to make a difference. I hit the ground running, working on a Sales project that illustrated the impact of conversion of the beats from one pillar of sales department to the other, aiming at increasing the market coverage of the products. It wasn’t a product specific project, contrary to the wishes of my friends, who painted quite a picturesque image of me selling ACT II popcorns in the scorching heat of Delhi. The project involved understanding the nitty-gritty of the sales distribution system followed by the company and recognizing the necessity of conversion by coming up with the analysis of pre and post conversion effects on sales. The first two days of induction paved the way for the rest of my time there by facilitating the interactions with the senior management, and the project guide.

Being a Sales intern, I spent majority of my internship period getting my hands dirty with market visits in the New Delhi roads. I understood the demographics of the area, gauged the demand, and went from retailer to retailer trying to build a rapport. The experience helped me understand the humongous reach one division of AgroTech has. I soon got involved in several highly significant sub-tasks, including the creation of a conversion model that connects sales force and encourages them to collaborate with each other to leverage resources and maximize sales.

But the work—meaningful as it was—was only a minute part of what made my experience so special. Everyone I met, from sales people to CEO himself, helped me grow, both as an intern and a person. My supervisors talked to me about my aspirations, hopes, and struggles regularly, not because they felt compelled, but because they truly cared. Their dedication to their jobs and their fellow employees is something I will commit to memory. It was an integral part of ATFL’s work culture.

There are many reasons to cherish the 8 weeks of learning and knowledge flow during my internship, but perhaps none is more worthwhile than being a part of something bigger than you. Apart from gaining deeper insights of Sales domain, the summer internship offered me valuable insights into an industry or job function and become an invaluable experience.




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