Its Placement Time!!

Well well… November is here, so are the winters and so is the preparation time for final placements.

So how does one start?

Step 1: HOPE FOR THE BEST: Praying that atleeeeeeast one competition result is in our favor.

Step 2: HARD WORK: Try and complete the live projects where quantity matters more than the quality.

Step 3:  The RESUME FINALE: Here comes the star studded platinum category resume where every inch of space shouts; all that in here is me dude!!

Step 4: GD Preparations: It is time to rediscover that library do exists in the campus and magazines and newspapers are available there free of cost.

Step 5: PI Preparations: Is starts with learning the technical part. Marketing people find themselves happy here (“sab globe hai yaar, kuch na kuch to bol hi denge”). Finance people trying to remember every formula that exists.

Step 6: PI Preparation II: The most complex and dreaded HR questions which in the end means “tell me who you are”. This is the time which brings out the creativity talents that were hidden in us from child hood. Write, speak and cram in numerous ways that I am the most adorable, lovable, suitable, hardworking, genuine person in this world.

Actually in the lust of getting a job with a big name, big designation and moolah of money we actually forget who we really are. We also forget that we have unknowingly entered into a rat race where we are running towards losing it all. Trust in people starts to fade away and friendships start to look meaningless.

But this does not mean you do not perform the above 6 steps. You surely do and you must do, but with a different approach. Every person is unique, and this is what will differentiate you in the crowd. Perform these steps to bring out the real uniqueness in you. Every person around you will have PORs, live projects, star studded resume, similar look I am the best answers to question, etc. So where is the difference??!!

Be with your friends, you have copied assignments from them. Work for them too, to bring out their uniqueness and help them discover their weakness. This is the first time in these 2 years you will be facing a real life challenge that will affect your life. Hence no better time to practice unity, companionship and teamwork.

In the end you might still end up with a small job and feel all is lost (Luck has to play its role too in the story, can not ignore him!!). But that is not the case. By the time you end up with the placements you would have already won a lot of hearts and would have become a much better human being. Money, jobs and materialistic things keep coming and going but the person you are, is going to determine your satisfaction levels in the end.