JAM (Juices And More) – Student Ventures At IIM Indore

E-Cell and JAM (Juices and More) were set up together 6 years ago in IIM Indore. Since then it has been handed down to E-Cell members as a gift to use the profits for funding their activities and make E-Cell a financially independent body. JAM is at the center of the ever bustling life at IIM Indore with many club activities, events and bonfire nights taking place in its porch area. JAM has always been supported by the professors, who repeatedly use it as a case study in Finance and Operations classes.

JAM coordinators (Kunal Goel and Mohit Modi), who are members of E-Cell, selected specifically to manage JAM with help from Aakash Billawa (E-Cell Member), are responsible for its day to day functioning. If you will talk to them you will realize that on most of the days at JAM there is one or the other surprise awaiting them; ranging from labor issues, procurement, machinery, finances and sales. It is a mini organization in itself which offers an immense learning opportunity to E-Cell members and an open platform to test the concepts learnt in class and while we are at it, also develop new ones.

JAM is an ever growing, ever evolving system and at its heart lies the value of serving the students and help them with their hunger pangs. With many more items to be added and an aim to use the platform to promote entrepreneurship, there are many bright plans that we have ahead for JAM.

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This article is published by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore