JBIMS – The Big Extended Family

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, what started out as a dream college, in the last one year has become something more, it has become home. J.B.I.M.S. for most of us is no longer just a brand, it is an emotion. It is really surprising to feel such a sense of belonging so soon, but when you are surrounded by 136 amazing people, it is bound to happen.

The institution which stands on the strong foundation of excellent Alumni teaches you the more you want to learn, about more than how to build brands or invest or manage multi-billion-dollar businesses. When someone like Mr. Moradian, widely known as the ‘God of Operations’ comes and teaches you operations, you just sit back and admire the tenacity and the drive such a senior person still has after over 40 years of teaching experience, you may or may not become an operations’ expert, but you surely will be inspired to be a better professional, a better human being. The higher the alumni have soared in their respected fields, the more grounded they are.

This place is not what it is because of the location in South Mumbai, 5 minutes from Marine drive or the low fees. This place is what it is because of the people who have built it brick by brick, through blood, sweat and tears. And this is where conglomerates like The Aditya Birla Group have played a pivotal role by giving our very driven alumni the opportunities to learn and grow with the organization and take it to newer heights and give back to the institution.

And if you were to ask me which one of the numerous businesses Aditya Birla Group (A.B.G.) operates in would I want to work with, it has to be Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (A.B.F.R.L.) which is India’s No 1. Fashion Lifestyle entity with a combined revenue of INR 7,181 crore for FY 2018 and EBITDA of INR 501 crore for FY 2018 and its bouquet includes some of the leading fashion brands and retail formats in India. A.B.F.R.L. brings together the learnings and businesses of two renowned Indian fashion icons, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle and Pantaloons Fashion and Retail and creates a synergistic core that acts as the nucleus of the future fashion businesses of the Aditya Birla Group and the Indian fashion industry. It stays true to the very beliefs of the founding members and in their sustainable style of doing businesses, it continues to grow and prosper and also helps the youth of the nation do the same.

This is a business I see myself creating and delivering the most value, this is where I believe I can make my 2nd home after my time here at Bajaj.

– Samarth Keralia


JBIMS Placement Committee

JBIMS was established in 1965 by the University of Mumbai in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. JBIMS is considered to be unique in management education as it is firmly rooted in the local soil and capable of articulating the Indian ethos. In the contemporary era, when globalization and liberalization are the buzz words, the institute has (without disturbing the said roots) ordered itself to meet the emerging challenges, sentiments and opportunities that are coming with the new economic order.