JBIMS: The beginning of an epic journey

Getting a call from JBIMS is one of the best things that can happen to an MBA aspirant. When I saw my name in the final list of shortlisted candidates, my happiness knew no bounds. Over a year of hardwork and sacrifice culminated in the convert. Friends and family congratulated me as I got ready for the opportunity of a lifetime.

The first time I set foot in the brick red building at Backbay Reclamation, I sensed something much bigger than me. The institution which has produced some of the top industry captains over the last 50 years, undoubtedly has an aura. Initially intimidated, I settled in after some ice breaking with my batchmates.

The first few lectures were about the history of the institute and what is expected of us. With the onset of the new and revised course under JBIMS’s autonomy, we were exposed to some fantastic professors who have been and some even continue to be stalwarts of their field. The academic rigour here makes us work long and hard but the time spent with new friends in the canteen and recreation room more than makes up for it!

What struck me the most about my new college was the rich diversity of students produced by the college’s holistic selection process. Almost everyone I met has a unique talent and most of them have achievements many can only dream of. This motivated me to push my limits and take my library time seriously, while working together with my peers on various case studies and competitions.

Despite its curriculum, JBIMS isn’t all work and no play. An outbound trip at Durshet after our orientation was a superb experience where the bond with my new batchmates grew stronger! The informal bonding sessions and parties made me realise how lucky I was to be a part of this college.

The last 2 months have been incredible to say the least. Although I’m busier than before nowadays, I’m glad JBIMS is giving the opportunity to test myself and become a better person both personally and professionally.


Saurabh Pol is an MMS- I student (Batch of 2015-17) at JBIMS, Mumbai. Connect with him at https://in.linkedin.com/pub/saurabh-pol/77/7aa/578

JBIMS Corporate Relations Committee

- Pratik Lonare (MMS-1 Student at JBIMS)