Joining Hands for a Dream IIM Indore and IIT Indore’s I5 Summit

Indore is one of those cities with the rare distinction of having both an IIT and an IIM. In a move that heralds cooperation between premier institutes of the country, these two jewels of the city have come together to host a one of a kind initiative, the I5 Summit. Scheduled for 22nd and 23rd August this year, the 2 day event will feature aspiring entrepreneurs competing to catch the attention of potential investors and finance their ideas. The summit is not designed just for the entrepreneurs but also for students in the campus who want to venture into the VC firms or in the startup consulting arena.

With heavy preparation underway, the event hopes to successfully combine the ethos and skill set that make the IITs and IIMs unique in their functioning and use them as means to project a dynamic vision of the knowledge hungry and ambitious student population of these institutes.

The I5-Summit has already acquired a vast and experienced pool of panelists, including but not limited to Ronnie Screwvala (founder UTV motion pictures), Phanindra Sama (founder, redBus), Kunal Shah (founder, Freecharge), Srikanth Sundarajan (Venture partner, Helion Ventures) & Digvijay Gagneja (Matrix Partners). These expert minds offer stimulating panel discussions and inspiring keynote speeches, besides sharing their treasured experiences with the participants. In addition, Rajan Anandan’s startup finance platform, Let’s Venture, has joined as the funding partner of the event. To add extra cheer to the show are IIM and IIT Indore’s alumni, who will be turning up in huge numbers to participate in and support the event.

The 5 I’s in the summit’s name stand for Ideate, Innovate, Inspire, Induce and Invest. To fulfill this mantra, a range of activities will be organized at the event. Workshops are specially being designed to hone people’s business skills besides giving them a glimpse of the start-up world. This includes Chirag Kulkarni, experienced serial entrepreneur and advisor’s workshop on “Growth Hacking”. These exciting learning sessions seek to leave the participants inspired and motivated.

A special feature of the event is Venture-I, a Venture Plan competition, open to start-ups from all over the country, which seeks to provide the winning start-ups angel investments to help them make their start-up dream a reality.

The presence of these noted names surely makes the I5-Summit just the place to be. So, to be in the network with the big shots, you know where to go.  If you want to catch all the latest updates on the I5-Summit, check out its facebook page at and visit its website at

-Ishaan Ajay

IIM Indore

This article is published by Media and PR Committee, IIM Indore