Joining IIFT Is Like A Writer Finding Its Muse

“College is especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus.”

 -Jerry Kramer

It is true that we join colleges to learn and grow ourselves in an educational context. But can we imagine studying in an arena that is constricted between four small walls? Well, of course! Those were, unfortunately, the good old days of gurukul where open skies and green forest used to be the inspiration to learn. For us millennial, it is the absolutely weird environment of our campus that serves as an inspiration as well as reason to learn. Why weird? Well, where else can you find the restless calm of Sanjay Van coupled with the desperate urge to build our careers!

‘Colleges may be constituted by a good education but it is ameliorated by a good campus’

Clichés are clichés because they are true and this cliché would not have been truer for IIFT.

Joining IIFT, for me, is like a writer finding its muse (though to be fair that has never been my forte) – it has all I ever needed from a college. Excitement, nervousness and frisson accompanied me when I first stepped into the college; and as I saw my new colleagues, and saw their expressions, I knew that more or less they were also feeling the same way I did. Some were bored to hell, some were frightened, some had the expression of regret while some thought that they have hit the highest point of their lives. I felt all these feelings at the same time. Perfect practical application of quantum physics and that too emotionally! The dead old cripple would have been proud!

On the very first day of college, a Personality Development Program was followed by the inauguration ceremony. I did hear from people around me that IIFT has a curriculum that makes you explore and improve the strengths you never knew you had, but still it was quite surprising as well as awe-inspiring to see exactly that kind of scenario on the very first day! The program benefited us by getting us out of our comfort zones and making us bond with our batch mates over sleepless nights. We also got to know about the seniors by interacting with them. By the end of the program, our faces showed how much we have learnt through it.

Sometimes it takes just minutes to get transformed into a better version of yourself and I believe that this program’s span were those minutes. What makes this thought more amazing is that I’ll be spending two more years here; the transformation that I will go through will be drastic, but in  a good way. Life at IIFT is full of fun and learnings – you work hard for 6 days and party harder on the 7th day of the week.

Things that make IIFT unique:

IIFT is known to be the best college for International Trade in India. It is the Mecca of Foreign Trade/International Business and the centre of WTO studies in India, which conducts a robust research program with a series of papers in the spheres which interests WTO.

The Location of IIFT Delhi, indeed, is one the biggest advantages. It is located in the heart of power centre of India, adjoining Sanjay Van which is one of the largest forest patches in the city.

About the Campus: 

The Wings of Wisdom: 

IIFT greets everyone by this symbol of wisdom, which always inspires one to reach to the top of the world. This reminds me of the circular roof above it – as IIFTians call it – the Top of the World, the one stop to be in any emotional need. 


Most of us start our day with the eternal trilemma of sleep vs. food vs. showers and Nescafe is the place where you can at least bring your trilemma to a dilemma!

The Sports Area: 

Even though the IIFT campus is not very big, we, IIFTians, make sure to play the sports as a stress buster. The Parking area comes alive at night, where all the students play their hearts out.


The Atrium:

The hub which serves many purposes, be it a lunch buffet or a cultural party. The Atrium is always alive. Here, we follow our simple and utmost important rule of “Work hard, party harder”.


Which ABG company would you like to work and why?

I would love to work with Madura Lifestyle of Aditya Birla Group; as it is one of the India’s fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector – recording a blistering growth rate of over 25% Year on Year. The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that covers almost all the demographics’ sector. The segmentation, targeting and the positioning is done very seamlessly. I am a brand enthusiast and would love to work in a company, which sells all the brands I love the most. And I believe it would be a great opportunity for me to work in this growing sector, which will help me to unleash my potential.

IIFT Placement Commitee