Journey From 317 Acre Campus To Dream – IIFT

Like most individual, I did the usual “ENGINEERING”, in computer science engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur.  IIFT had always been a dream, as I entered the campus I was astonished because it turned out to be a reality. As I walked down the path, I was surprised to see the small campus area which made me strike a conversation with my father “Dad how am I supposed to survive without sports!”  Definitely, I judged the university with its small campus as I refresh the conversation which is still afresh in my mind.Being a sports enthusiast, play-ground and courts cheered me up. But IIFT had nothing as such! There was hardly any visible space to play in my perspective. With a confused mind and a belief to broaden my horizons, I started with the first week of induction. During induction, we were made familiar with MBA jargons, IIFT trending words and the culture of the institution. Finally the day arrived for which I was eager throughout induction came, a session by sports committee. They had planned 3 hours of activities across the entire campus. I was confused yet excited to explore the campus from a sportsperson’s perspective. And then BOOM it was the moment which changed my point of view completely. In no time, seniors arranged various sports as they divided the small concrete parking area for the activities. Badminton, throw-ball, cricket and football were played simultaneously. I was stunned to see how effectively and smoothly everything went on.And that’s where I learned one of the most important thing in my life, how to effectively use resources and make the best out of whatever we have. The passion, hunger and competitiveness made the sports lively at IIFT.I feel this is one of the main aspect of an MBA too. Resources will never be sufficient enough to suffice everyone’s needs, but what matters is what we do with the available resources and utilise it for our best. This is applicable to both aspects, personal and professional life. IIFT is an example for the above. The college is among the top 10 B-schools of the country with hardly any campus size compared to other top B schools in India. But even with this, we have our own fest at grand level and people from all over top b- schools participate in it. So IIFT taught me the first basic lesson of being efficient to use the available resources at its very best. Above mentioned incident, makes me believe that IIFT is one of the best decision. #GOIIFTGO is something I will keep on chanting forever.


ABG Company:

The area which I have an inclination to work for is ADITYA BIRLA FASHION AND RETAIL LIMITED.I am interested to work around the branding section of area. It’s so astounding to know that something as simple as clothing, can have a revenue of US $400 million (ABG Fashion).The world is moving fast and every few weeks, we see a new trend in the world of fashion. The psychology of why people would buy certain type of apparels and to make money out of it, is really a challenge which I would like to focus on.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee