Journey To A Baby IIM – A Decision That Makes All The Difference

17th June 2017, a normal day at the office I was on a treadmill to shed the extra kilos which came as a byproduct of preparation when after getting down from treadmill I noticed a mail from IIM Visakhapatnam congratulating me for clearing the admission process. As soon as I saw the email I knew that it was going to be a tough decision. I had already made up my mind for CAT next year but went ahead with Visakhapatnam interview to gain some experience.

Although I had my IIM Vizag interview for an experience I knew that it was was a difficult decision to let go an offer from IIM, with my IT experience mounting (about 3 years), current scenario of IT industry and average academics I knew it was never easy to make it. Hence what followed post offer was a series of Google searches and connecting with the seniors who had passed. But I knew that connecting with seniors would just tell me about the placement figures and immersion programs. But an MBA program has to be much more than that the experience from peers, the contacts from alumni, the environment all shape up the individual to overall development for which I was skeptical if it actually prevailed in the Visakhapatnam ecosystem.

Meanwhile in order give myself sometime to think I paid the order acceptance fee, also I was expecting a new IIM from the CAP Process (meagre chances), all this while I was trying to get in connect with people who had done MBA some said you will not get expected returns some said you can always bank upon the college name in future and it will be of great help. The final decision laid in my hands if I wanted to wait or go ahead. With my condition, average academics, high experience, and the promising reviews I went ahead with IIM Visakhapatnam.

Three weeks into the course….

I must say I cannot comment upon the fruits that it bears for me as it is too early but in terms of peers and pedagogy, I think it is no less than any other institutes. In last the two years, it has shown a positive trend but it still is like a startup shaping which, is a responsibility on our shoulders. How many times do you get an opportunity to build a brand name. The college is in initial stages has a lot more to be done and all ideas here are cordially invited. The college provides every possible help to nurture the idea which is taken in the benefit of the institute.

I feel that when I will look back at my decision 2 years hence I will surely find it “to have made all the difference”.


Amit Maurya

Amit Maurya A PGP1 student at IIM Visakhapatnam, an ex infoscion worked for about 30 months. I like traveling to new cities and listening to music. I have lived in Trivandrum, Mysore, Pune, Vizag since I graduated.Music is the oxygen to me.



Deepanshu Verma

Congrats Amit sir , it’s good that at last u made up your own mind to join a IIM. Sir my acads are on a bit lower side . Can u somewhat give me a idea of me making to a IIM.
My acads are 10th , 12th, graduation 75, 68, 72 . I am from commerce background and belong to OBC NC category.

Amit Maurya

More than 90 u can safely get a baby IIM for the new ones try to score above 93.I am saying this after considering that this time the competition could be tougher given IT layoffs
Best of luck ☺️☺️