Journey From Choice To Belief: IIM Trichy

Why and how you chose IIM Trichy?

Life is in the moment. This, this very second is life. Every second is a choice. What we say, who we meet, where we go. And each of these choices is what makes us. You. Me. Everybody.

This is simple and this is very complex. It’s simple because all one has to do is make the right choices. It’s complex because making the right choice is difficult. It’s even more complex because one wrong choice might lead to a disaster.

With all this said here’s my story of how and why I chose IIM Trichy.

I always wanted to experience the corporate life. I would always look up to people who would walk into those boardroom meetings with their laptops ready. I wanted to be one amongst them, one who leads an organization. And that is why I decided that I want to do an MBA.

With this thought in my mind, I wrote CAT exam and managed to score well. I had calls from multiple colleges and had to choose one amongst them and I proudly say that I chose IIM Trichy. The rationale behind this was that amongst all the colleges that I had converted, this institute was growing at the fastest pace. It took everyone who was part of this wave, to the shore that they aspired for.

Reviews and feedbacks about the college- I interacted with one of the alumni of the institute and also collected feedbacks from various platforms. All the data backed up the fact that this institute would provide you with every resource to fulfill what you dream to be.

What motivated me the most was the fact that I come from Madhya Pradesh. All my life I have stayed in Madhya Pradesh. So that was my comfort zone. As is said coal turns to diamond only when it goes through the pressure and heat. And to become one amongst those boardroom leaders, I had to step out from my comfort zone and face the pressure. I chose to come to a land whose language and culture is unknown to me. To learn new things and unlearn a few as well.

Apart from this, I did my homework on placement reports, campus, infrastructure, facilities etc and each one of them was just taking me closer to Trichy.

I had multiple options to choose from but I believed in this institute and I proudly say that I am glad that I chose the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Company: Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

One has to believe in something before selling it or promoting it. For someone who has been a customer of the apparels from ABFRL, the trust is already there. I need no external motivation to work for the company. Apparels is a segment of FMCG in which trends are changing every other second. The strategies are changing at an even higher rate. This is an opportunity where your learning is never going to stop. I want to be constantly challenged and to keep up with the pace of changes. The combination of the 2 things- trust and learning, is what motivates me to work for ABFRL.

This article is written by Shuchi Mittal – Class of 2020.

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