A Journey Through Critical Moments At A B-School

Every year when June happens, happens the advent of Mangoes in the market, Monsoons in the weather and entry of tens of thousands of fresh graduates in a business school. Little do they know that they’ve signed up for a roller coaster ride and nobody knows where the STOP button is. Let us try to break down the 2 years into a few ‘critical moments’ that come into the ‘b-life’ of a management student till the time he/she lands a job.

Critical Moment 1

The Build-Up

This is the first couple of months when you join a b-school. They are critical in two ways- first you realize that you have it in you to work like a robot and survive on MPS (minimum possible sleep).

Second of all is the fact that you’ll be sitting for your summer placements two months into the course. As much as you would have heard that having a good profile does give you an edge while being shortlisted for the most desirable companies that’ll hit your campus, the fact is that it does. So if you have one, make it count.

One piece of advice I would like to give you here is to start researching about the kind of companies and profiles that are usually offered in summers in your college in general in this period so that you are in a better position of deciding if you want to sit for their process or not just apply to any company haphazardly.

Critical Moment 2

Those 6 months

Once you’re placed your task should be to understand the management concepts and try to apply whatever you learn in the real world. So take part in as many competitions as you can. It shall benefit you beyond you think. These 6 months will transform you as a manager and as a person.

Critical Moment 3

The Summers

Come April and you need to pull up your socks (literally and figuratively) and get your hands dirty in the industry. Try to gain as much as you can in your internship, not just from your immediate mentor but from anyone and everyone you can, even if you do not happen to like the work you have been assigned or the company itself.

Your primary goal should be to get clarity on the kind of work you would like to do in future, the side goal should be to get a PPI/PPO.

Critical Moment 4

The Next Build-Up

After your stint in the industry and now are back to campus. Only this time you (hopefully) come back as a wiser and more discerning person. Unless you bag a PPO, this is a very crucial period that can make or mar your prospects for the final placements. Some students carry the experience of a bad internship with them which hampers their confidence and performance both in this period while others just lose motivation and become complacent.

My two cents on this-> Instead of brooding over the past or worrying about the future, you should concentrate on building your CV during this period and focus on industry-specific learning in the choice of industry you want to get into so that you get a shot at that dream profile of yours and also have things to talk about in your placement interviews.

Tempus fugit, use it well!

Chetan Chopra

Chetan is a student of PGDM-Strategic Marketing and Communications at 2017-19 batch at MICA, Ahmedabad. He is a start-up enthusiast. He likes playing Poker and reading Mint.