The Journey So Far – IIFT

It has been, just over two weeks since I first set foot into one of the premier B-Schools of India, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. It has been a journey of extremes so far, with an extreme amount of work pressure and at the same time an extremity of partying. I could easily say that these have been, two of the most memorable weeks of my life. From a week-long “Parichay” (Personality Development Program) to dancing till midnight during the fresher’s party, every single moment has given me a sense of what’s in store for the upcoming two years. The crux of the past two weeks at IIFT has been socializing. In a period of fourteen days, our whole batch has developed a sense of unity and bonding towards one another, which is quite remarkable considering the fact that our batch strength is a little over hundred and seventy.

The IIFT campus is situated in one of the best parts of New Delhi. With Qutub Minar just a 10-minute walk away, I know where I am going to spend most of my winters. For the people who love to party, the best party spot in town, Hauz Khas village, is again just a 10-minute ride. For all the foodies in our campus, the Qutub Institutional Area is a lip-smacking delight, with a lineup of some of the best “dhabas” in town.

“I believe in traditions, I believe in the idea of things being passed between generations and slow transmission of cultural values through tradition”. The traditions and initiation rituals at IIFT has played a major role in uniting the whole batch as One. On the last day of our “Parichay” we were officially branded as IIFTians, by undergoing an adrenaline filled initiation ritual. Marching out of the auditorium, we were led under the “Top of the world”. The moonlight and a few flashlights were our only guide in the dark. Standing under the “Top of the World” we waited for our fate to arrive. All of a sudden, buckets of water came gushing down upon us, which left us in a state of bewilderment, then out from the crowd came a voice “Go IIFT Go”. We felt the power of these three words, as the adrenaline rushed through our bodies and the chants of “Go IIFT Go” reverberated throughout the atmosphere filling it up with a profound sense of energy and enthusiasm. The noise grew louder and louder, as we made our way back to the auditorium, drenched in water. All 170 of us onto the stage and the whole auditorium vibrated with an energy that I had never felt before. The delight was evident on the face of every single person in that room, we all hugged each other with a sense of pride and joy. Now, we were all IIFTians.


ABG Company of Choice: Madura Fashion and Lifestyle

Aditya Birla Group is one of the largest organization in the world, with a vast global presence. There are many subsidiaries associated with the organization. I would like to be a part of the Madura fashion and lifestyle division of the organization. It is one of the fastest growing branded apparel company in the retail sector. Few of the leading brands in formal clothing, like Allen Solly, Peter England, Louis Philippe among others, belong to the Madura fashion and lifestyle division. With Forever 21 they have a huge presence in the female clothing sector as well. The way these brands have been marketed throughout the country and all over the world is remarkable. The names of these brands give a western vibe, and hence was received well by the Indian consumers. I would like to work for the Madura Fashion Group and learn more about the marketing world. My interest in fashion brands and knowledge about the clothing industry motivates me to be a part of the Madura Fashion Group.

IIFT Placement Commitee