Journey from a chocolate to a sweet! (Brand analysis of Cadbury)

Cadbury is a brand which almost all of us are aware of. Most of us were crazy for Cadbury chocolates. I used to get Cadbury if I have done something good or accomplished something. Back then, Cadbury was a brand of chocolates. The advertisements targeted father bringing chocolates to the children and so on.


Needless to say, the brand has expanded its age group.  Earlier the target segment was kids. Cadbury then came up with the advertisements which clearly depicted that it is a chocolate which even teenage girls and boys can eat. The ad in which a girl enters the cricket field and eats Cadbury when her friend hits a century demonstrates that. This was followed by the famous ad where a bride struggles to open the wrapper of Cadbury because her hands were covered in Mehndi. These ads have done wonders for Cadbury.

Teenage girl on the field:


Khane ke baad meethe mein kuch meetha ho jaye

Cadbury has always succeeded in creating an appealing marketing campaign. The message delivered from each advertisement was crisp and clear. The commercials have always emphasized on the joy derived out of eating the chocolate. The other speciality is that these commercials accurately focus on the relationships and amplifies the emotions of the audience. This was the reason why the advertisements with the couple expressing love by exchanging Cadbury chocolates were a smashing hit. The campaign was titled “khane ke baad meethe mein kuch meetha ho jaye”



Cadbury Celebrations: Iss baar jakar milenge

One thing which sets apart this brand is the ability to continuously innovate and successfully enter into new domains. A value proposition of a chocolate only for kids was not sufficient. They expanded the age group. All these years, the product was same – a chocolate. Recently, Cadbury has come up with a new value proposition. It has launched Cadbury celebrations. This is an attempt to portray Cadbury not just as a chocolate but as a sweet! Cadbury celebrations aims to replace or complement the sweets.

Indian culture is blessed with the a plethora of festivals. Each region in India celebrates a lot of festivals with enthusiasm and togetherness. Families gather at a place and happily celebrate the festivals. Sweets are essential in a most of the festivals. The sweets sometimes are home-made or bought or gifted. Nowadays, people are busy in their professional lives. The home- made sweets are a rarity. Sweets are gifted. Cadbury grabbed this opportunity and came up with Cadbury celebrations.

Television commercials for Cadbury celebrations included soft aspects of the relationships. The message intended was a mind capturing one. The advertisements encouraged people to buy Cadbury Celebrations as a gift and celebrate the festival with the loved ones. Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India and this was an obvious choice. The commercial in which a girl staying away from her parents comes home bearing gift, i.e., Cadbury celebrations pack. The festival of love and happiness should be celebrated together. “Pyar hi  paoge tum” was the theme.

Pyar hi paoge tum:

There are several other advertisements which focuses on family relationships. The core strength lies in identifying current problems and depicting a solution to them. The emotional connect was clearly evident. The “lonely maa” advertisement brings tears to my eyes. This showcases a common case of a son working abroad and sending his mother letters. The mother is trying hard to connect with him in a digital world as she wants to see him desperately and if possible, spend some time with him.

Lonely maa:

Cadbury Celebrations: Iss Diwali aap kisse khush karenge

The campaign has expanded in length and breadth as it then launched digital marketing campaign for Rakshabandhan and focused on relationships other than family members. “Iss Diwali aap kisse khush kargenge” urged people to make the entities in their professional life or daily life happy. These unsung heroes are present but we don’t understand their values. The neighbours, the postman and the delivery guy were a few examples. They are an important part of our lives. The tagline is apt in delivering the message. It gives us a sense of feel goodness and a sense of pride in bringing smiles on their faces.

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Iss Diwali aap kisse khush karenge:

Write a Rakhi Wish and song for sisters

An admiring quality of the brand management at Cadbury is that they can see and adapt with the trend both in choosing the theme and the channel. A new facebook page, write a rakhi wish has gone viral. Social media marketing is the apt channel to convey the message as the target audience is young, vibrant and expressive. The idea that the thoughts or poems will be turned into songs excited many people. Foundation theme of placing the brand in the context of relationship was wrapped in a new idea and presented wonderfully.


The success of Cadbury is in this particular quality. It has evolved with the target group, the culture and the people. As a marketing enthusiast, I am in awe of their marketing strategy and is ever ready to analyse the new campaign or an advertisement. Sometimes, I don the hat of a viewer and take pleasure in relating to the situation, laughing or crying remembering bittersweet memories of my personal life.

– Sayali Patil


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