The Journey Is More Important Than The Destination – IIFT

The journey to IIFT was a bumpy ride to say the least, but it has been an exhilarating experience. The rigorous preparations for the exams and interviews, the excitement of receiving the offer letter, the butterflies in your stomach months before entering the campus and the final joy of entering the college grounds and meeting new, excited and nervous faces such as yourself all hoping to embark on a new journey together, has just been wonderful.

This would be the first time that I live away from home in a campus and it was everything that I expected and more. At first sight, it looks large, red and very tastefully constructed with the uniqueness of a pond right at its centre. The pond has been strategically placed right at the centre of the college grounds so that it provides a soothing effect to the stress that is synonymous with doing an MBA. Single occupancy rooms have been a cherry on the cake as they give you the requisite privacy that you would want while working as well as the opportunity to knock on your neighbours’ door and ask for a piece of advice at any odd hour. Working in groups to create a creative start up, working on your content as well as presentation skills, learning how to meet deadlines, managing your time well, prioritising, receiving individual feedback from our seniors, and all the while having fun is what sets IIFT apart from all your other life experiences.

Weary from the previous nights’ plunders of the various assignments, readings, cases etc. that have to be completed, a stress-busting yoga session in the morning with the rest of the batch would be the tonic that would keep us active throughout the day, but instead, it united us in a common cause, sleep. Staying on campus has taught us a very important lesson, “Sleep is the only variable” which says so much about the life that one gets to experience at college as well as the life we would want to lead post completing our education.


ABG Company:

The Aditya Birla group and in particular the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited is an organisation that presents itself as one with so much diversity and opportunity that it almost resonates with the culture at IIFT. A flurry of brands (Indian as well as International) which cater to different segments of the market and a constant push to ensure that all customers of the organisation are satisfied is what attracts me a student who has been looking forward to entering the realm of marketing and practicing the concepts that we learn in theory in the real world.

IIFT Placement Commitee