Sitting through the night; Looking at you

Enjoying your sight, as time is flying through

Moments of separation are approaching near and we need to finally part

Wishing you God’s divinity; I will leave with a heavy heart.


The time has passed so fast since you have come into my life

You have made me complete my little boy, along-with my wife

I lift you, you lift me in our own different ways; when we are down

We share our smiles, we share our laughter; Replacing the frown.


You are the one whom I search, you are the one whom I find

When I close my eyes, when I close my mind

A number-less thoughts, a million moments; Still a million more to bind.


When I see your face, I see mine

Feeling of seeing you as a small me, feels divine

Your tender touch, your little fingers and the twinkle in your eye

Gosh!!! It is becoming hard to say Good Bye.


You are the one who makes me whole but this journey to an abode of wisdom will feed my soul

I admit, I will have some tears as I start my Journey towards the goal

They’re not tears of sorrow; they’re tears of pride and joy

To know that all the love in heaven is wrapped around my little boy!!!



Jitender Aggarwal

1 year MBA Student at IIM Indore