The Journey Of Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step – Praphulla Bhandari, FMS

As a common notion goes, the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. I can ideally relate this quote and management concept to my campus. First and foremost, Delhi University as a public university has a lot of constraints. By constraints, I mean the financial capital and resources. And this is something I mostly heard from everybody I met. But the best part is the university and the campus has never allowed the constraints to overshadow quality and elegance at work. Now, this is how I relate the quote I mentioned earlier to the real life. In the actual business setting, there is a resource constraint and we are expected to maximize value based on it. If I am to join as a business leader I cannot go about demand more and more resources than I am allocated. It’s actually preparing us for the future that beholds ahead of us. Second, the history my campus carries make it unique. It has its root connected to economic development in form of exploring privatisation, business development to leading the hitherto businesses. There are alumni of my campus who have worked for planning commissions, starting their own business, and take businesses to a great height under their leadership. Hence the rich history my campus pose makes it unique. Finally, I understand that modern-day business and its leadership is about experience sharing and network. In this regard, there is the amalgamation of alumni and the networking opportunities it provides to toddlers like us. Thus, my campus is unique in these ways.

A memorable classroom experience in my B-school

A memorable classroom experience in my B-school would be the introduction session in the Information Technology class. While most of the introduction previously held talked about the degrees each had pursuit, the work experiences, the internships, the introduction in Information technology class very different. The teacher explicitly stated we had to introduce us with something interesting and such things that are new to everyone. It could be hobbies, passion or something about their culture. I personally, liked it because at the end we are composed of something more than work experiences and degrees we hold. And I was amazed to know some of my batch mates are also masters in tabla, one was national level chess players, some were state level cricketers and one was national level oratory champion. People also talked about their passion for dramatics, acting and culture. It was a beautiful hearing to festivals people have and the kinds of food they eat in their culture. It was a joyous experience hearing to craziest of things they had done ranging from jumping from a boat in the middle of Ganga river to leaving the home for some seven to travel around. Indeed, the business school is more than work experience and the academic qualifications. I cherished the moment very much. Hence, it was my memorable moment.

Introducing – some of my crazy Batchmates

1. Name of the person: Sachin Meena

Academic Background: Mechanical Engineer

Crazy Moment: I introduced him saying that I was from Nepal and I liked playing cricket. He was like, “Bro Nepal has mountain and how do you play cricket in mountain. With due respect, probably my dear friend knows very less about his neighbour.

2. Name of the person: Ashish Kumar

Academic Background: Engineer

Crazy Event: Not being stereotypical but some other people get amazed how good my Hindi is whereas the people from South actually don’t understand. And Ashish wondered if I had roots connected to India or had I lived in India before.


3. Name of person: Mohit Agrawal

Academic Background: Engineer

Crazy Moment: In lights of rat race as people advocate about India. This friend of mine has work experiences for over three years in consulting firms, has an engineering degree but would argue with teacher with the fact that he had raised their hands to speak but did get the chance to speak. Thus, could not secure the class participation opportunity. I was like are you crazy bro? It’s just one class and why are you so impatient?

4. Name of person Saswat Gupta

Academic Background: Engineer

Crazy Moment: This guy seems genuinely sincere but I find him crazy. For instance, he carries a razor and the shaving foam in his bag. There’s nothing crazy about carrying it but he says, because, his beard grows fast and he does insist to look like professional. And prior to each guest lecture or seminar he rushes to the washroom and starts shaving. And the most astonishing fact is, he does it even when he had recently shaved in the morning. While I appreciate his sincerity, I find it funny at other occasions.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given a chance, I would want to work with the Aditya Birla Finance Limited. I would want to work with ABFL for couple of reasons. First, I wanted to have an experience of working in a NBFCs. It’s business model and revenue drivers intrigue me. It’s not present in Nepal. So, I want to gain experience about this industry. Secondly, apart from being a finance major and having work experience in a BFI, I am equally good at carrying out negotiation and involving a business deal. I feel I can be a very good relationship manager and can pitch or discuss deals and offer to people. So, my finance knowledge is supported by my powerful communication and leadership skills. Thus, I would want to work for ABFL.

Placement Cell FMS Delhi

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