A Journey Worth Taking – IIM Bodhgaya

What a moment of pride would it be when someone hails you as an IIM alumnus? What a fabulous achievement it would, be when you have the badge of an IIM degree? How pleasant and wonderful parents would feel, when their child, without any business background, gets out of an elite management school of the country with successful completion of management education?

Finally, that stage has come which was insurmountable few years ago, where I will be passing out of IIM Bodh Gaya (Batch 2016-18) and venturing into the corporate world. The journey, on one side, started full of scepticism as I was getting into a new IIM which is still in the recognition of industry; an IIM whose intelligent students were yet to prove their skills in the corporate world. However, on the other hand, my inner instincts were compelling me to ride on this bumpy path.

It would be of no surprise to say that the journey at IIM Bodh Gaya has uplifted me not only in terms of inculcating management education but also in overall personal development too. There are so many lessons that I could learn just by remaining in this cloud of wonderful, intellectual students with diverse backgrounds. Three most important and imperative things I could sense during this tenure which would help a lot in next corporate journey:

First and foremost is “building a strong corporate network” which essentially starts from building a long-lasting relationship with your batchmates. Yes, it’s true that it would be difficult to find healthy camaraderie in colleges but the reverse holds true in case of IIMs. Second is to learn to manage one of the most valuable resources of our life and that is “time”. You could be playing on the ground, writing an assignment, participating in the case competition, organizing management events but at the same time, you would get ready to attend quiz or test on the very next day. The third is to handle “pressure and expectations from the corporate world, peer group and most importantly the family”.

I think its hope that navigates you through difficult times and comes out with greater strength and resolves. Because in newer IIMs you have to start from scratch in setting up each system, unlike the older ones where already a dish is served with different menus. It’s like planting a tree and making sure that roots of it go deeper so that it can survive in the midst of any sort of thunder.

In the process, you get to learn so many things which you could not have even thought of. This is the place with brightest of students across the country, veteran professors with unmatchable academic expertise in different domains and of course, an entrepreneurial environment teaches you much more than just books.

This IIM journey is like a roller coaster ride, once it’s over, you could not even remember how you managed to survive. But once the journey is over, one thing is certain: You won’t be the same person who started off with it.

IIM Bodh Gaya

Shashwat Arora, PGP 19, IIM Bodh Gaya