Jzaa – The Dramatics Club Of SIBM Bengaluru

There is a Chinese proverb that says: “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.”

Drama is an important means of stimulating creativity in problem-solving. It challenges people’s PERCEPTIONS about the world. Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

Jzaa, the Dramatics Club of SIBM Bengaluru provides a platform for enthusiastic individuals to meet and synergize their energies to bring out and live every emotion that life has to offer. Jzaa believes that expression of thoughts is required, and it intends to provide the opportunity for the same. Not only does it help to remove hesitation but makes you aware and socially responsible towards the society.

Our students have shown their talent at various platforms in the form of Nukkad Natak (Street Plays), MIME, Short Movies, Drama, Poetry, Festival Celebrations and participation throughout the year in events such as Utopia, Republic Day and street play on 26th November as a tribute to Mumbai attacks.

In a drama, a student can, if only for a few moments, become another, explore a new role, try out and experiment with various personal choices and solutions to very real problems –  problems from their own life, or problems faced by characters in literature or historical figures. This can happen in a safe atmosphere, where actions and consequences can be examined, discussed, and in a very real sense experienced without the dangers and pitfalls that such experimentation would obviously lead to in the “real” world.

Still, there is far more that Drama can do. At the center of all Drama is communication. Like all the arts, Drama allows students to communicate with and understand others in new ways. Perhaps more than any other art form. The Drama also provides training in the very practical aspects of communication so necessary in today’s increasingly information-centered world.

The Drama also helps students develop tolerance and empathy. In order to play a role competently, an actor must be able to fully inhabit another’s soul. An actor must be able to really understand how the world looks through another person’s eyes. In today’s increasingly polarized and intolerant culture, the ability to understand others’ motives and choices is critical. Drama can help build responsible global citizens.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Drama helps students with creativity and helps them to make creative choices and be better at thinking of new ideas, allowing them to view the world around them in new ways.

Aspects of performing arts, especially improvisation, helps students understand how to appraise situations, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. Students learn to trust their ideas and abilities. Confidence gained from learning performing arts skills applies to career and life.

SIBM Bengaluru

Ever since its inception in 1978, SYMBIOSIS has been synonymous with progress. The trend of progress has been continued by setting up of SIU’s first campus outside Maharashtra at Bengaluru in 2008. SIBM Bengaluru is now one of the leading B-Schools of the country. The focus, now, is on matching global standards of management education. SIBMB instills a work culture which is unparalleled among various institutions. It provides a holistic approach to management which goes a long way in creating a dynamic identity. Vibrant student associations and committees complement the program with a number of activities involving institute-industry interaction.