Kahani Har MBA Ki – MDI

It was 11 in the night; all the 1st year students were sitting in the auditorium. On the other side of the podium were the members of the student council, ranting and raving about how useless all of us were. Up till now, we had spent only 15 days in MDI but we kind of had developed a habit of all of this and their taunts and sarcastic comments seemed like a usual routine. Listening to all of this, I was wondering as to how these guys would have managed their induction process, suddenly there was a loud shouting voice as if something bad has happened. The whole scenario was very strange not because of the shouting but because that loud voice was of that one member of the council, I have never heard uttering a word. This was followed by another yelling voice that said something like “this is the worst thing that has happened in MDI”, but again the person who said this was the General Secretary of the Student Council who was never seen shouting before and has always maintained a calm and composed demeanor.

All this while, it was there in my mind that this might be just for show and not real but credits to the acting talent of the team, they had me convinced that something really bad is going to happen.

In the end they broke the ice; we were finally inducted with a surprise fresher’s party. Everyone danced and enjoyed the whole night.

That was the day when I actually felt that I was a ManDevian forever.

Which company would you like to Join as part of ABG?

Prior to joining MDI, I worked with S&P Capital IQ, which is a financial services firm. My roles and responsibilities included analyzing and mapping the pricing and related market data feeds from third party financial data vendors and National Number agencies for various types of equity and debt instruments which helped the clients in making informed investment decisions. I would like to work with the Human resource department of the Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL), which is the holding company for all the financial service businesses of the Aditya Birla Group. Since I share a relevant background as well as possess knowledge related to the terminologies and the working of the financial services industry, thus it would be a logical step to move forward with the same industry to make use of my prior experience.