Kapil Jain From JK Business School On His Expectations From His Internship At IDBI

Kapil Jain, from Rajasthan, has always had a keen interest in Finance. That’s the reason he came to JKBS after his B.Com, where he is keen on pursuing a specialization in Finance during his PGDM. He believes the institute has given him the opportunity to go after his true passion and to realize his professional goals. And, the first step in the right direction happens to be his Summer Internship placement with IDBI Federal Bank, a big name in the world of finance.

Kapil understands that he has gotten an opportunity that is an ideal fit for his future goals. Therefore, as a Summer Intern he aims to make the most out of this opportunity to further his knowledge of finance: “I believe one of my major responsibilities during the internship will be to sell insurance. But, I will also try and understand how a large scale organization like this one works. After all, it’s my aim to work in a  leading finance company in the future.”

It will be the first taste of corporate life for Kapil, and it has him thrilled. If you ask him about the things he would like to focus on during his internship, he quickly replies, “Firstly, I would like to know more about the corporate culture. I would also like to know how to go about achieving targets, interacting with clients and getting exposure in the field. But above all, I want to be able to manage the work pressure that’s part of the life of every professional”.

Clearly, the young man from Rajasthan who was advised by his teachers to join JKBS to further his career aspirations has come a long way. Today, you can feel the confidence in Kapil’s voice and the clarity in his thoughts. He admits that it’s because of his learning at JKBS, which has been comprehensive, to say the least: “My journey here so far has been really fantastic. I have learned about the current market scenario, business ethics and marketing strategies”.

Kapil has also gained general awareness about the business world and how things function in it. The institute also played a major role in helping him bag the internship as the placement team put him through an interview that prepared him for the real test. “I have learned about efficiency, workforce management, research tactics and cost reduction in classroom. I will try to use it to my advantage during the internship and in order to make a good impression”.

All management students look at the Summer Internship as an important step in their academic journeys. What is its significance for Kapil? “Firstly, it helps you understand the real market situations, and it tests your skills in a truly professional environment. You get exposure to the market and also learn from professionals with years of experience. Above all, you can decide on the right career path for yourself”. As his words clearly reflect, Kapil is not only ready for his Summer Internship – he is ready for the future as well.