Kaptains of Kozhikode – Footballer, Placement Committee Member – Abhilash Bhat – Class of 2016

Kaptains of Kozhikode returns for another season! Meet the stalwarts from the IIM in God’s Own Country.

Meet Abhilash Bhat

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You are a member of the highly coveted placement committee Cell at IIM Kozhikode and you are one of those who has properly maintained balance between studies, sports and committee work. Tell us more about your experience and any suggestions/message for junior batches who aspire to join the dreaded committee.

My experience as part of the placements committee has been an enriching one. The greatest learning that I have got out of this committee is how to prioritize things. When I am in a Placements’ Committee meeting, I do not think of sports or studies. Similarly, when I play football, I do not think of Placements’ Committee or studies. I take things one at a time, i.e., mono-tasking. That is how I feel I have been able to manage my time well.

Being part of this committee is going to take the majority of your time and you might not be left with much time to do other things. So, it is extremely important that you are passionate about the work that you are going to do as part of this committee and at any moment it should not be something that is being forced upon you. Join it for the work and the contribution that you can make to the college and not just for the CV point. That’s my advice for aspiring placecommers.

Enlighten us about your passion for sports and how has sports helped you in other facets of your life.

Sports, especially football, is something that is very close to my heart. After a hard days’ work, people find solace in music or books. For me, it has always been an intense game of football. Though it might seem philosophical, but one thing that football has taught me is to play the game because you enjoy the game; winning or losing is just incidental. I have followed this philosophy in all aspects of my life. Be it joining IIMK so that I could grow personally and professionally or be it joining Placements’ Committee to take up an entirely new challenge; it has always been the journey that is more important. The placements are just incidental that will anyway happen.

If you are to describe your experience at IIMK till now in a single word, what would it be? What according to you are the factors that differentiate ‘God’s own Kampus’ from other B-Schools and hence, make one’s tenure here special and memorable?

“Fulfilling”. Though I hadn’t even planned coming to K, the experience here has been more than I could have expected. Be it the late night discussions as part of the placements committee, or the early morning jogging on the hills of IIM K, all these experiences have been a first for me. I have worked till dawn, as well as partied till dawn. Be it playing football at 2 in the night or working on a project at 4 in the morning, all these instances have added to the wonderful experience. The scenic beauty, the people of Kerala and the friends that you make here, these things will make you come back to campus even after you have passed out of here.

Any piece of advice that you’d like to share with the students of PGP-19 and the prospective students at IIM-K?

I guess the most important advice for any student joining IIM-K would be to use their time at K effectively. Be it as part of some committee, or sports, or taking part in some competition, there are various avenues for a person to use his or her time in productive activities. There would be enough time for parties and trips, but that should not be their only purpose at K.

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