The Kathor Way Of Life – Live It To Experience It – IIM Rohtak

‘IIM’, that’s enough for the world, but it is the suffix of Rohtak to this title that I call my individuality. Colloquially termed as Kathor, which is Rohtak spelt backwards, IIM Rohtak has put me through the extremes in terms of academics, extracurricular and environment. However, this rigour is what has developed in me a lot of persistence, patience and a desire to be always better in terms of my skills and abilities… BUT when it comes to the year 2018, it’s the shifting to the new permanent campus that has raised the mercury of our excitement meters to altogether a new level.

IIM Rohtak for me is a feeling and my campus is my home. So, telling just one unique thing about the campus would be like an injustice to my ardent love towards it. The 200-acre lush green area, the newly constructed classrooms and hostels, the late-night classes, random TT matches, midnight tea breaks, and the never-ending chats in them – All bound the Kathor community together in a close-knit.

By now I guess, one must have gauged my immense affection towards my college and campus, but trust me it’s not at all a hyperbole. I’m an MBA – graduate hence would prove this love affair with valid underlying facts:

1) The vibrant culture – IIM Rohtak boasts of a spirited and stimulating cultural life. Although we don’t need a reason to party, but the gleam during festivals and events is exuberant. Be it the festivals of Diwali, Navaratri, Holi, Christmas or in-campus celebrations such as Cultural Night, Winter Party, War of Sections or the annual festival, Infusion; there is something or the other going on, to keep you charged up throughout the year.

2) The events – One can never expect to have only toiling regular days. The calendar is blocked with a plethora of magnanimous events like TEDx, Mini – Marathon, Entrepreneurship Summit, Infusion – The annual cultural-sports-management fest, and our very own, unique Film Summit. Just a small secondary fact about Film Summit – Mr. Amit Masurkar, Director and Co-Writer of India’s Oscar nomination, ‘Newton’, graced this year’s event.

3) The student-driven approach – The best part about being a part of an IIM culture is, you get to be a part of the functioning bodies of the institute. Student-run committees work towards the development of the institute day and night, relentlessly. One actually gets to experience the thrill, the pressure and the responsibilities. There’s even a S.T.O.R.E, which is the student-run multipurpose retail outlet at the IIM Rohtak campus and is the first student-run on-campus retail initiative among all the new IIMs.

4) Academics and curriculum – The curriculum at IIM Rohtak is tailored with utmost care, keeping in mind the changing industry trends. The case-based teaching pedagogy makes one think in the similar lines as a corporate consultant and the skills in demand, like data analytics and network thinking, taught in the first year itself, complete the package of becoming a true management professional. The conducive environment of academic research, which is pervasive in the institute, is also something special worth mentioning. More than 170 publications and 75 conference papers from faculties is the justification of that fact.

5) Industrial Relations – One of the major forte of IIM Rohtak is its industrial relations, and the summits such as Management Conclave, HR Summit, CXO Summit, Entrepreneurship Summit and others speak for it. In the last year itself, we had experienced 120+ interactions with the industry stalwarts which include the good number of guest lectures from industry leaders, first-hand interaction with HRs, executives, and managers of reputed firms.

Though I want to go on further with this list, but then maybe people would start calling me a narcissist with respect to IIM Rohtak. Nevertheless, I’m sure that I’ve provided enough facts to justify my love and affection towards IIM Rohtak.

Summing up I’d like to reiterate the title – ” It’s the Kathor way of life, you need to live it to experience it.”


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The ABG company I would like to work for would be Aditya Birla Capital. Being a finance enthusiast, I’ve always aspired to work in an asset management firm and what better it can be to work at ABG Capital which forays all the financial services under its umbrella.

I believe that the financial services sector is one of the booming sectors of our nation with the primary focus on the financial inclusion and being able to contribute to this sector by being a part of ABG Capital would be the ideal start to my management career.