On King Of Kings At MDI

I believe that the world is one big family, and we need to help each other” – JET LI. This particular phrase gained significance in my life once I entered MDI. Earlier during my undergraduate, I had existed as one of the many individuals. Once on campus I saw how the entire system was like a well oiled machine with each student as a critical part of the system. As the sun rises, you can sight professors on the ground starting their day off with yoga or jogging. An hour later, the same professor would be on the podium carrying out a discussion on a case study. The residential program brings in a sense of ease between the student – teacher relationship which enhances the learning process. Apart from this, your peers a constant source of learning. Starting from the late night group studies to the discussion at Sharma canteen on which committee to join, I had made a bunch of friends by the end of induction week. It is a perfect example of how humans tend to come together in times of need. After the gruelling induction week, I was a participant in the inter-section sports competition “King of Kings”. Being habitual to getting up late, my teammates took up the responsibility of waking me up before the early morning matches. Another good example was how some people in the section took up the responsibility of mentoring students in subjects. A chartered accountant in my class started taking up classes in his free time to teach accounting which most engineers usually find hard to deal with. In return, I was teaching statistics to a few people. From the sleepless nights to the light moments in between stressful situations, I have learned to live every moment of my life to the fullest. There are small moments to cherish everywhere from the hostel corridors, the mess and the never ending lectures at gurukula.

Each day at MDI brings in a new experience and teaches you new things. The interaction with professors outside the classroom be it at the badminton court or over a cup of tea at the Sharma canteen is a great opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom. MDI also offers a plethora of activities to take up responsibilities. From the clubs and committees to the various competitions organized by corporates, each event provides you with an opportunity to hone your leadership and organizational skills. It is also a place where people discover themselves be it on the playground or as musicians.

Retail stores have always been an exciting place for me. The colorful d├ęcor along with the enticing products and promotional schemes make me feel like a child in a candy store. The entire place is bustling with energy and has very positive vibe associated with it. Also the ecosystem of a retail store is a complex one and is therefore a great place to learn.

Hence I would love to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited.