Know About The Highest Paying Certifications For Your Career Growth

Getting a certification is a great way to advance your skills and improve your income. Whether you work for a small business, healthcare, real estate or any other industry vertical that recruits IT professionals, your best choice would be bolstering the existing degree to open new doors of opportunities. This article will aid you to decide which certificate you should add in your bucket of credentials to succeed in today’s workplace.

Here are a few certifications that will help you increase your salary, and pave a way for a better job or break into new area.

Adobe Certified Associate

Adobe Certified Associate is an attractive certification that offers you hand on experience for Adobe digital communication tools and helps you score for entry level administrative and marketing jobs. It helps you to enhance your confidence and expand career opportunities.  Adobe certification program is the best way to communicate the skills for Adobe products and earn recognition.

Though the exams are hard, however, all those who are up for the challenges will gain the opportunity that comes with this certificate in the digital marketing industry.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Create high end designs in oodles of mediums
  • ·         Create powerful digital videos
  • ·         Improve visual communication
  • ·         Get graphic design training
  • ·         Foster digital literacy and create rich web experiences
  • ·         Scout color concepts and layout Aesthetics

Adobe Certified Associate Salary:  $38000

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineering Certification helps students and employees from a variety of academic backgrounds to carry out everything from designing to management in every sector. Such certifications are in high demand and help to improve skills to manage projects, identify clients’ needs and design engineering process. Many have earned this credential worldwide.

If you are a Systems Engineer, the best certificate to add to your salary is Cisco Certified Expert Certification.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Lead companies in the design and IT operations
  • ·         Learn enterprise network and database management
  • ·         Know about team Leadership, communication management and economics
  • ·         Introduction of Management, finance, decision making and optimization
  • ·         Learn the business impact of IT innovations

 Cisco Certified Expert Salary: $92000

Project Management Professional

The most reputed certification for project managers, Project Management Professional, is truly global and one can work in any industry to increase his/her earning potential. It basically connects you to a group of experts, companies and professionals. If you are an experienced project manager responsible for project delivery and directing diverse teams, become a project management professional.

The PMP certification exam test includes five areas: Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Initiating, Controlling and Closing. To get certified, one must have 30 hours PMP training.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         46 tutorials
  • ·         Understand project life- cycle, management skills and project stake holders
  • ·         Know about the project integration management
  • ·         Identify the knowledge areas, tools and techniques of project management process
  • ·         Guide to prepare for the examination
  • ·         Case studies, a quiz on topic covered
  • ·         Mock test to calculate the performance

Project Management Professional Certified Salary: $116094

Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA Certification certifies your skill to configure and troubleshoot routed & switched networks. It is Cisco’s most popular certification, and one of the most vouched career credentials. If you are ready to invest in Cisco’s technologies, the training provides the advanced skills to ease into deployment and help you to command a high salary. More than a million people have passed the CCNA certification and each one is well placed in his/her field of responsibility.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Basics of networking
  • ·         Preparation in security, networking and technical support
  • ·         Microsoft windows training
  • ·         Learn how to configure Cisco routers and switches
  • ·         IT Project and process management
  • ·         Training in IT management

 CCNA Certified Salary: $107405

Ethical Hacker

A Certified Ethical Hacker is an experienced professional who knows how to find vulnerabilities in target systems and employs the same expertise as a malicious hacker to get the security position of a target system.  The purpose is to notify the civic that credentialed folks meet the minimum standard. The exam tests include denial of service, hacking wireless networks, cloud computing, firewalls, malware threats and social engineering. This is the most advanced hacking course in the world.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Depth knowledge of networking & ethical hacking
  • ·         Introduction to malware
  • ·         Latest tools and real world scenarios
  • ·         Vulnerable applications to sharpen the skills
  • ·         Preparation for a variety of IT certification
  • ·         Learn about exploitation and wireless attacks
  • ·         Knowledge of IT risk management & VOIP administration

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary:  $103297

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma has grown over the years since its inception. One will come across scores of sigma belt holders working at different sectors globally. Businesses, be small or large, require certified sigma holders on staff. Consider this certification and move to black belt with just one or two courses. With this, you can look forward to a wide array of career opportunities in any industry.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Problem solving
  • ·         Leading and implementing six sigma projects
  • ·         Six sigma tools and techniques
  • ·         How to measure process performance
  • ·         DMAIC process involvement
  • ·         Determine Statistical and Analytical methods

Six Sigma Certified Salary: $102594

Information security Manager

This unique certification is awarded to those who have interest in security management. To get the certification, one must have 3 years of experience in information security management to pass a written test.  More than 27000 candidates have been certified since 2002 making it the most sought-after area of certification.

Course highlights:

  • ·         Monitor computer security controls to make of sure system administrative actions
  • ·         Learn SIEM infrastructure
  • ·         Manage security risk metrics
  • ·         Prepare procedure on technical processes
  • ·         Routine tests and clean-desk audits
  • ·         Identify issues and field that requires security measures

 Certified Information Security Manager Salary: $122291

 Risk and information Systems control

This certification is designed for IT professionals who have good experience with risk assessment, designing and evaluation. CRISC is one of the highest paying jobs for 2016. The exam covers four main areas that include response, identification, monitoring and reporting. If you have interest in any of these areas and wish to be certified, go for CRISC Certification.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Impact of IT risk
  • ·         Customized CRISC Courseware
  • ·         Training review guide
  • ·         Demonstrate efficiency in maintaining and implementing the IS of the enterprise
  • ·         Attain the knowledge to clear the CRISC Certification

Risk and Information Systems Control Certified Salary:  $122954

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect (AWS)

Those who have hands-on experience designing application and systems on the Amazon Web services platform, choose this certification to boost the skills and add big bucks to the salary. The exam covers identifying, deploying AWS systems to AWS best practices.  The solutions Architect will have a great opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge.

Course Highlights:

  • ·         Make architectural decisions based on AWS best practices
  • ·         Learn Automating infrastructure , solutions design engineers
  • ·         Knowledge of distributed systems
  • ·         Disaster Recovery and failover strategies
  • ·         Troubleshooting environment
  • ·         Instructor led training

AWS Solutions Certified Architect Salary: $125871

Enhance your knowledge and power your career to the next level by choosing one of these certifications. Certified professionals can earn more than non-certified professionals and the proficiency levels can give them access to new jobs or promotions.