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Do you eat, sleep and drink marketing? Do you enjoy analysing campaigns? Do you love building go to market strategies? Do you get excited about market research, segmentation and targeting? Do you love talking about brands and how they were built? Test yourself with The Marketing Quiz, brought to you by ABGLP.

Don’t lose out on that dream job because you didn’t get management concepts right. Here’s how to race ahead of your peers. Presenting “Learning #IRL” in association with ABGLP. Get your monthly fix of sector-wise knowledge transfer, solve quizzes and case studies and find out what certain terms mean! Click here to a) find out what the series is about, b) why you should check it out & c) subscribe & receive updates.

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Interesting fact about our sponsors:

Since sustainability is a really big concern for the world today, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL) recently joined a unique and pioneering industry-led platform, ‘Circular Apparel Innovation Factory’ (CAIF) in collaboration with Intellecap. 

CAIF is India’s first industry-led platform, aiming to build a circular apparel and textile industry in India. Its mission is to search, seed, support, and scale circular textile and apparel innovations in India by building an enabling ecosystem of brands, manufacturers, enterprises, and innovators across the value chain. 

Through the association, ABFRL will be demonstrating its commitment to shift the industry from its current ‘take-make-dispose’ approach, to one that encourages the use of sustainable materials, maximize utilization of clothing & textile and thereby promote recycling. These initiatives will help ABFRL retain its focus on creating significant social impact. And on to the quiz…

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What’s This?

This is a part of a series called Learning #IRL, brought to you by InsideIIM in association with ABGLP. Read on to find out more…

Why Learning #IRL?

Simple really. We are tired of reaching out for giant textbooks, or “researching” online for all the answers. We want out. And we’re sure you do as well.

Whether you’re

– Planning to join b-school.
– Already in b-school and worried about placements.
– Someone who’s looking to shift jobs, upgrade their position, etc.

Everyone needs to know and remember the basics. And now, you can learn and refresh your concepts in a fun way! Simply read a comic strip or watch a video to understand management concepts. Or solve a quiz and case study to check your comprehension.

Get an overview on various concepts ranging from marketing strategies, operations concepts, basics of finance and HR tricks every month. Learn with the examples and instances from latest case studies and real stories.

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What’s This Series About?

In this series, we bring you 4 fun things. Basically, instead of reading boring textbooks, or trawling through search pages on Google, here’s your shortcut to learning with fun.

Quiz: Solve a quiz based on management concepts in marketing, HR, finance and operations. Test your conceptual clarity and know how! Basically learn with fun. Check out the July Quiz On Operations Management here.

Case Study: Solve a sector-wise case study every month! Don’t all interview prep experts tell you to sharpen your logical thinking and practise cases?! Well now, you can practise a case every month and find out how well you know various concepts! Check out the July Case Study On Operations Management for an OTT platform like Disney here. Share your answers on our community thread here.

Video: Check out this unique explainer video laying out the facts and figures for you. Whether it’s the 7 Ps of marketing or the Jidoka model in supply chain and operations, these videos tell you all. Have a specific concept you wish to understand? Let us know and we’ll help you comprehend it! Check out July explainer Video on an Operations Management concept called Hub & Spoke here.

Comic Strip: Reading reams of pages can be so boring. Now read comic strips and find out what’s what in your b – school curriculum! Wondering about Time Value of Money? Or perhaps HR strategies and tools? These comic strips will help you understand the same old concepts in new and refreshing ways. Check out July explainer Comic Strip on an Operations Management concept called Jidoka here.