Last Minute Strategies To Crack XAT By A 98.69%iler

With just 2 days remaining for XAT 2017 I would like to share some of the tactics which I used. Start from your strongest section. If you think you are good at the quantitative ability section, then start with it and try to solve maximum questions in an hour. The questions in the Quantitative section might be moderately tough as they are conceptual in nature. Do not panic if you see a tough question. Carry on with other questions rather than wasting time on a particular question if you are not able to solve it.

After an hour, shift to Decision Making section. Remember, it is the trickiest section in XAT.  The questions are more in real life scenario and the best way to solve these type of question is to keep yourself in the shoes of the person being referred to in the question as you decide the best possible alternative. Answer the question in such a way that you are the most virtuous person on earth. But keep one thing in mind “one’s life come first” which means you should not select the option which causes harm to the person on whom the decision is being made.

Moving on to Verbal and Reading Comprehension section, give enough time to read the passage. 50% of the questions will be directly from the Reading Comprehension. The level of difficulty will be quite high as compared to CAT. Analogy, verbal reasoning, contextual understanding will be of high importance.

Changing a perspective towards the number of non-attempted questions and negative marking, I think that this framework is only used to put aspirants under pressure. If you are not sure about the answer do not attempt it as it’s better to lose 0.05 marks rather than 0.25 marks.

Next, we come to the Part B of the examination, which contains questions on General Knowledge and Essay Writing. The scores of this part matter a lot as these marks are taken into consideration while your interview process at XLRI. For essay writing my suggestion would be to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Lastly, have a good sleep before the examination, don’t overthink during or before the examination and be clear with basic concepts.

Reach the exam centre 1 hour before the exam.

All the best for XAT exam guys.


About the Author:

Abhay Agrawal (Batch 17) Gujarat

XAT – 98.69 percentile

Currently pursuing PGDM at Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR).

IFMR Graduate School Of Business, Krea University

Established in 1970, IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University is a leading business school with the objective of moulding ambitious young men and women into competent and socially responsible organizational leaders in a global setting. IFMR GSB is fortunate to have pre-eminent faculty members, most of whom have Ph.Ds from well-known institutions in India and the United States.




Talking about XLRI, I applied for it but my waiting list number was 26 and was not able to convert it. Also my field of interest was in finance and IFMR provides one of the best finance courses in India and that’s the reason I didn’t opt for XIMB. Looking at the placement perspective too, IFMR provides excellent profiles for finance and financial engineering students and so finally I opted for IFMR to pursue my PGDM in Financial Engineering.


In XAT they give you percentage and percentile and not the sectional scores.
Quant- 98.693%ile; Verbal and LA- 84. 113%ile and DM- 97.56%ile.
Overall- 98.69%ile.