Last Minute Tips For The Last Few Days Of NMAT

December is here, and so are the last few days of NMAT. I still remember the last few days before my NMAT, the preparation that I had been into. That’s precisely why I clearly understand the anxiety that you all are going through, but like I’ve always been saying, trust me we’ve all been through this. I know it seems hard, but it’s just a matter of few days. So here are some last-minute tips for those who have their NMAT coming up, in the next few days. I really hope it helps!

  • Confidence is the best accoutrement – This is probably going to be your final attempt for NMAT this year, so make sure your confidence is at its peak. Now how do you get the confidence to that level? Keep reminding yourself of the amount of effort you’ve put into this exam. You wouldn’t want the effort to go for a toss, would you? No.
  • It’s wise, to revise – Well, yes, because by now you must have been done with your preparation. So, focus on giving more mocks and analysing them.  Also, brush up on all your concepts. Keep revising them on a regular basis.
  • Balance is the key – NMAT is divided into 3 sections and every section has a minimum cut off that one needs to clear, over and above clearing the overall cut off. Therefore, it’s important to do well in all the three sections. Make sure you are able to solve a good number of questions with accuracy, in all the three sections. So, when you are practising, focus your preparation on all three sections. Remember that, nothing is more important than the other. The only thing that’s important to note is that all the three sections are equally important, because each of them has their own sectional cut-off.
  • It’s all about that timer – By now you must have known that NMAT is a highly time – based exam. So, make sure that along with preparing for the exam, you work on time management as well. I remember using this one strategy during my preparation days. I’d intentionally reduce the sectional time limits by a minute for every section, while giving my mocks. I did this until the last 3-4 mocks. This had prepared me really well in managing time. But again, it’s important to not panic when you see that timer striking 00:00.
  • Undefine weaknesses – Focus on strengths, but work a lot your weaknesses. Such that, you no longer term them as weaknesses. And how do you do that? My friend, preparation is the only key to get rid of your weaknesses.
  • Health is wealth  Finally, some universal gyan. It’s very important for you to focus on your health. These last few days are crucial for those who have their exams coming up. Don’t get too stressed out. Eat well, sleep well and prepare well. Like I said, balance is the key.

So my dear friends, I wish you all the very best! I hope you all sail through the exam. But remember exams are not the end. You have a lot more to go through, to make it to one of the best b-schools of the country!


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Sumangal Kamath

Sumangal Kamath is a first year MBA student at SBM, NMIMS Mumbai. She completed her Bcom in Marketing and Human Resources, from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. Prior to joining NMIMS, Sumangal worked as a Hedge Fund Analyst with Northern Trust. Post which, she gained some experience in content writing at Odigma (Infibeam). She describes herself as a vivacious, young soul who holds a strong penchant for singing, writing and binge watching Formula one.