My Late Night Story – MDI

My journey in MDI started with drastic transformation in my routine as well as personality. This one month was full of excitement, enriching exposure and rigour. First time in my life I got golden opportunity to interact with corporate leader and listen to their views on MBA, purpose of life and their rich experiences. For me, this one month set the perfect foundation for my vision and view of life. It was after long time that I paused for a moment to realise the real purpose of life.

The most unique experience was the induction phase (almost for everyone). Toiling hard till 3-4 A.M and again back to tasks from 8 A.M , getting notices at 2 A.M with new tasks to be submitted till 8 in morning, dressing like a gentleman, having breakfast on the way to auditorium became part of daily routine. The most amazing thing was that we were realizing the change in our routine and habits so quickly. In starting it seemed to be a stressful situation but since each and everyone was going through the same situation, so, we started enjoying it.

Being with hundreds of new friends, each and everyone supporting each other – tie knots, playing the role of an alarm clock and helping in tasks was a really fruitful experience. It was the best time to realise that if you are working in the team then any difficult hurdle can be crossed easily. I m sure that in these two years we all will get the best platform to groom our personalities, sharpen our skills and become effective leaders in life ahead.

After completing my MBA, I will be honoured if I can work for a diversified conglomerate like Aditya Birla Group. This is because by working for Aditya Birla Group I will be able to work across different industries and thus it will be an enriching experience for me. In the group, if given an opportunity, I will prefer to work in Ultra Tech Cement. In Ultra Tech cement I will give my best to apply the skills learnt during my MBA through various channels like guest lectures, classroom, case-studies and simulation games.

In addition to that, I will get a chance to use my technical knowledge in civil engineering to understand prospects of the organization in a better way. Thus, although I ‘am very flexible and open to work for any company of the group, still , I will feel lucky if I get a chance to for  Ultra Tech Cement.