The Latecomer’s Fate At IIFT

The class was of 9:15 AM, but it was 9:17 already and I was about to enter the classroom thinking may be this being the first class of the trimester the teacher (hereby addressed as Ms. A) would be a little kind and understanding. After all she needs students she can correct right? (For mental satisfaction). I had two brothers with me who were late as usual (there’s always someone). So we entered and cautiously took our seats trying our best to avoid eye contact with her, but this was her moment right? She left whatever she was teaching and welcomed us with a pleasant sarcastic smile.

Ms. A put forth a revolutionary question that could disturb the entire schedule and planning of everyone in the class, “What should be done with latecomers?” I could feel the drop of sweat on my forehead. Few were laughing at first but then came the sudden realization, what if we can’t make it on time someday? The class became silent. Ms. A was enjoying every bit of action and amplified the intensity of the situation with just one word “anyone?”

The first benchers are always the one with wild ideas “No attendance for the day you come late”. Aah! Finally, I had an enemy in the class! But thanks to democracy his idea was suppressed faster than the speed of light. I could see people forming little groups and chatting about the pros and cons of every dimension possible. Everyone was participating, people were writing the number of classes remaining and what would happen if they are late in 3 or more classes.

Finally, amid the tension another voice came from the middle rows “Ma’am give them the attendance but also give an assignment for coming late”. The dull faces lit up, finally something to work with, but Ms. A wasn’t going to give away that easily, “wouldn’t grading them increase my workload? Why should I pay for you coming late”. The class again went into thinking mode, now there were a rush of ideas from each corner “They will revise notes of previous class” “They will sit in the first row for the whole week” “They will do 10 pushups” I mean seriously? (must be the last bencher, they really have great suggestions!) There were other absurd suggestions too. The class was fully worked up.

Suddenly a sentence was heard from back “Ma’am give the attendance for first time and the next time they are late deducted attendance for both classes” The voice reverberated throughout, Ms. A was impressed, so were the students after all it was a great idea that put in perspective the logic of both sides. It was decided upon and we are still on time.


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