Launch Of The Book – Incredible Champions Volume II – LIBA

The author had earlier published a titled Incredible Champions” in the year 2014 wherein he had covered about twenty-five professionals and champions who have done extraordinary work in the social sector. It was quite revealing about the humility and firmness with which the champions have approached their chosen area of work. They have insulated themselves from adverse comments and criticisms for fulfilling their inner need to serve people in the target segment.

Based on the feedback and support received from readers and well-wishers a sequel to the same is released now titled as Incredible Champions Volume II.

The choice of professionals is driven by areas of work and scope to inspire the readers. Main ideas were to understand the trigger, opportunities, and challenges and support each of the champions received in translating the vision into a programme or project. There has been a conscious effort to avoid credibility of investment and benefits.

The book is an articulation of facts as represented and meant to be inspirational at best about fifteen different professionals who have championed a cause for creating value towards the society. This book needs to be viewed objectively without any judgment on personal faiths and beliefs of professionals described here. The message is: Humbleness, Objectivity and Truthfulness in serving fellow citizens can make one’s life more meaningful. It is not awards and recognition but a sense of deep desire to make a difference is what drives Champions. It is pleasure spreading happiness and warmth to make others feel better!

About the author of Incredible Champions Vol I & II :

Dr.N Chandrasekaran is currently with Loyola Institute of Business Administration as Professor, Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics. Dr.Chandrasekaran has a Ph.D degree from University of Madras in Financial Management – Economics (Interdisciplinary) and a certified Supply Chain Professional. He has over 30 years of work experience in areas relating to Corporate Planning, Strategic Management, Analytics and Supply Chain. He has authored books on Supply Chain Management (OUP India), Strategic Management (OUP India), Ethical Supply Chain Management, Agribusiness Supply Chain Management (Taylor and Francis, USA), Incredible Champions (Vol. I) and Scaling with Parity (CII 2017). He has also published number of articles and case studies in professional journals. He was involved in a number of management consulting assignments in the above areas and development sector over the last fifteen years.

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