‘Leadership Module at MYRA is an experience like no other’ – Srinivasan Mohan

Rigour and Fun—all in one MBA

When people around us look for value for money in all their investments, I can safely say from my experience so far that MYRA falls under that category. What sets the college apart from the rest is the stellar faculty, a campus which defies the stereotype and a curriculum modeled on the concept of ‘Change and Transformation’.

My first impression of the college when I came across it was admittedly of hesitancy. The fact that I would be part of the founding batch and with no existing placement record made me think deeper on whether I was willing to invest a large amount on an MBA from MYRA. But MYRA’s vision to make it big in the world and their commitment towards that cause was what drove me to apply for the PGDM program.

The application process was seamless and I was called to the campus for a visit and an interview which was to be overseen by the chairperson Dr. Shalini Urs and Dr. William Verdini, the associate dean. The interview was focused on how I would add value to MYRA as a B-School. The questions were directed at me to judge me on my ability to think out of the box and my passion towards business.



Dr.William Verdini, Associate Dean with Mr.Lowell Paddock, President & MD, General Motors during the CXO talk | December 5, 2013

Being a new B-School, MYRA could have chosen to focus on quantity rather than quality. But their desire to take in only those who would contribute to an excellent learning experience was something that impressed me. When I learnt that I was accepted into the PGDM program with a partial tuition fee waiver on the fee, I was fully convinced that this was an environment where I would thrive. With more MBA’s moving towards joining or creating startups post their degree, here was a chance for me to experience that right from day 1 of my PGDM.

My first week at MYRA was a memorable one as we were given a glimpse of how much MYRA was driven to being noticed around India when Mrs. Meera Sanyal, who held a top position at Royal Bank of Scotland and now a candidate for AAP in the Lok Sabha elections, was our chief guest for our inauguration.


Dr.ShaliniUrs, Chairperson-Mrs.MeeraSanyal,Chairperson,RBS-Dr.RaghavRao-FacultyofInformationSystems

Dr. Shalini Urs, Chairperson, MYRA with Mrs. Meera Sanyal, Chairperson, Royal Bank of Scotland during the inaugural of founding batch of MYRA | June 24, 2013

 As part of the Week of Welcome (WoW) program, we were taken to Bangalore for a two-day team building exercise at The School of Leadership, where we got to know the pre-requisites that are required to be a part of a team. Here was where I met people who would go on to shape who I was over the next 8 months or so. At the end of the program, we were taken back to Mysore where for the rest of the week we were exposed to guest talks from industry experts such as Mr. Arun Nayyar, whom I had the pleasure of being addressed to during my time at Infosys.




As part of the Week of Welcome program, MYRAcles had an Outbound Training Programme


My first module which was Leadership essentially confirmed the belief that I had when I signed up for the PGDM at MYRA as it was an experience like no other. There was emphasis on team work and out of the box thinking and with mapping those concepts learnt in class to real-life scenarios. We knew that this was only a feeler as there would be more such interactions in the months to come.



Dr.David Patient, Professor of Organizational Behaviour interacting with MYRAcles | October 2013


It is not every day that you are within arm’s length of people who have been educated at some of the best B-Schools in the world. For instance, anyone who is interested in finance would know who Professor Aswath Damodaran is. We had the distinct pleasure of learning Corporate Finance from one of his pupils at Stern School of Business, Professor Shreedhar Bharath. It made me, a person who before that course despised the financial industry, into a person who seriously considered taking finance as my specialization in the second year. Such is the impact these professors have on the students that at the end of the two weeks in which the course is covered, we were actually sad to see them leave. The course work is supplemented by talks from guest speakers who share their immense experience in the field which is invaluable to students. The CEO’s of GM and FIAT were among the many industry experts who touched base at MYRA.



Dr.Shreedhar Bharath, Professor of Finance addressing MYRAcles | September  2013


MYRA’s emphasis on developing sustainable business solutions was evident from the moment we stepped onto campus as in each course, we were made to think on how these concepts could be used to implement such solutions. We had a chance to attempt that in the form of our sustainability projects at the end of the courses.

The college has spared no expense in accommodating the students in one of Mysore’s prime locations. With everything from eateries, cinema halls, grocery stores and playing areas within a stone throw’s distance from the hostel, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being with the other members of the class where there was a mixture of fun and learning at all times be it 8 am or 3:30 am. We found ourselves working late into the night and still have time for a game of cards or Age of Empires on the computer to relax.

To top it—all of us have got our summer internships in companies that match functional areas of our interests and also geographies of our choice—from Axis Bank in Bangalore to Future Brands in New Delhi

At length, my experience here has been nothing short of memorable and although my first year has gone in the blink of an eye, the learning I received here will carry me in good stead for the rest of my life.


– Srinivasan Mohan


Srinivas mohan-MYRA

Srinivasan Mohan is a first year student at MYRA School of Business and has a pre-MBA experience in Infosys.

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