A Learner At Heart, A Professional In Making – MDI

If I could compare my life at MDI, it would be to a journey on a boat in the middle of a disturbed sea. There are many instances where you feel, the raging water would sink in, but you fight back all the time. You fall, but you keep clinging back to the boat, hoping the weather to calm and the shore to arrive. In the end, you are expected to emerge as a mature sailor with the confidence you gain only by adversity that you experience. The entire MBA life focuses on expanding the radius of your comfort zone by pushing you out of it.

While I have been a hardworking person my entire life, MDI taught me to work smart as well. It has given me an opportunity to nurture all my deepest talents and skills while I juggle between deadlines, case-studies, academics, extra-curricular and sports. I believe the learning outside the class is much more immense than the one that happens inside.

The most memorable experience in this journey is the 14 day induction period at the start of the course. As the fresh inductees, we were exposed to the professional corporate world. We are made to handle the pressure, multi-task, yet perform to the best of our capabilities. The speaker sessions from eminent industrialists made us think big, long-term and aspire to become a ‘change maker’.

I believe it is the diverse and competent peer group that forces you to push your limits. I have received a similar experience at MDI. While I have always been more inclined towards studies, my roommate is a national level swimmer and a top academic performer. He and other batch-mates have made me realize the importance of holistic development as a fundamental tenet of a true manager.

I see myself as a reliable person who takes ownership of his work while ensuring the end to end execution. This is best relatable to Ultratech cement which believes in empowering its team of employees and has become the industry leader and employer of choice in the meanwhile. This is in lines with my objective to become a true professional. I have always aspired to work for an industry leader as it fascinates while inspiring me at the same time to be the best and yet strive to be better.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.