Learning + Fun – IIM Raipur

My campus teaches to push oneself to the level that no other campus does.

At 4 AM in the morning, after a night-long assignment, I reached my bed finally. When half the world is about to wake up, I was preparing to sleep. I realized that the majority of humans who are about to sleep at that time are probably in the other part of the globe. As I’m making my bed, I heard a knock on my door. “Dude, are you up for a market research? Deadline is in 2hrs.” And I thought about it for a while and said, “Hell, yeah!”

The campus won’t let you sleep, yet you won’t regret for a second.

Sleep? Sleep is overrated, sleep is a luxury, sleep is a distant dream. I remember dreaming just about sleeping. The crowd in the badminton court at 2 AM, the long queue for the Chicken Maggie in the night canteen at 3 AM, bands practicing at 3.30AM, the entire campus filled with people walking around all night, all this will make you wonder “Is it a night or day? Has the sun gone down in the middle of the day?”

My campus is diverse

I had my breakfast with a CA, walked to the class with a doctor, sat next to an economist in statistics session, had lunch with an engineer, went to the gym with an analyst, and the list goes on. And the diversity is not just in the education, it’s also there in the geography, religion and much more. The campus by itself a perfect sample of the whole country. We, at the least, have one person from all part of the country. All these diversities teaches one a lot about different cultures, different ideologies, different viewpoints, etc. It bombards one with rich experience.

My campus is full of learning

It’s not always about studies here. As much as we focus on academics, we have our share of fun here too. At any day of the month, someone on the campus is organizing something or the other. At any month of the year, someone or a team has won a competition. At any year of the decade, our college broke some record be it in placement, student exchange program or anything for that matter. At any point in time, everyone and I truly mean everyone is learning something new and evolving into a better version of oneself.

My campus is full of fun

We don’t leave our passion to die, just because the earth decided to give only 24hrs a day. Even though we have a lot to do with academics every day, we learn to manage time here. Be it bodybuilding, be it music, writing, dancing, painting, football, cricket or anything that one is passionate about. The campus won’t let you forget it, instead, it nurtures you to become better at it. 2 years in the campus gives you a lifetime of learning and experiences. The campus is full of activities, full of fun, full of learning and full of opportunities.

The AGB company I want to work for:

Out the various industries, AGB has their hold on, I especially want to work in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.
Fashion is a sign of success as a free nation. Keeping in mind, India’s pace of growth in per capita income, I see a huge opportunity and vast scope in the fashion industry. I also personally believe that retail is a place where I as an individual can learn a lot. I also see it as a place where I can contribute my skill sets, grow up the ladder, and a place I can stay for years and still be excited about my job.


Nivedhan Pandiyan – is a first-year student at IIM Raipur.