Learning And Growing Round The Clock – MDI

Today, that is 15th July, 2018 it has been a month since I joined MDI Gurgaon. The first week in MDI was a week of “awe”, a self-realization that you have actually made it to this place and the sheer legacy of this place consumes you. Those stories you have heard from seniors, your CAT coaching mentors unfolding and showing glimpses of how a b-school life would be. As the induction week kicks in the reality check follows, sitting in an auditorium with a batch of 360, you realize that you have to face the competition against some of the bright minds of the country, not only for grades but also for club selections, sports team trials, class reps selection, you find yourself competing against the best in the country. Nothing comes easy and to compete is the only way out. For someone like me from a mediocre undergrad college when compared to my batch mates from IIT’s, NIT’s, SRCC, Chartered Accountants and a rare doctor, the realization of competing with them for even a single little credit made me realize the kind of competition I am going to face. Before I joined MDI the biggest fear that I had in my mind was that will I be able to make friends among people from top colleges of the country. But to my surprise, while working round the clock, submissions, activities and all the random stuff that came our way, I found people who were always there for me. From waking each other up to crying after feeling homesick, from making fun of each other to having meals together we turned into families. This realization dawned upon me during the KOK week. I was playing Badminton for my section and when the match started, my classmates turned up to cheer for me despite being sleep deprived, burdened with assignments and various other activities. It has been rightly said that “The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul”.MDI is filled with amazing people from all across the country and it feels great to be a part of this institution.


As a future Human Resource Manager I would like to join the fashion and retail arm of Aditya Birla Group. ABFRL being the fourth largest supermarket chain in the country not only gives me a chance to have a holistic view of the human resource practices followed but also to gain experience about the strategic human resource practices that Aditya Birla Group is adopting to keep a check on attrition rate as well as effective and efficient recruitment & on boarding, learning & development processes of the employee life cycle.