Learning Management Outside – A Unique Experience At IIM Trichy

A memorable classroom experience at IIM Trichy

One can read about lessons in management from text books. Eminent scholars have recorded their results in textbooks. But you get to learn what management is when you are out in the field and at IIM Trichy, when you are out in the sun during the scorching summer.

It was all a fine Thursday morning and the fourth day of orientation for my batch, the PGPM 2018-20 batch. All I knew was to reach the room CR005, the most happening room in IIMT academic block in sportswear. Pulled up my socks, laced up my shoes, I settled down with my friends. All of a sudden, a dynamic youngster asked us to assemble near the Canteen.

And that was just the start of a life changing experience for me.

Everything is beautiful in IIM Trichy, except the heat. Soon a group of trainers from  Activ8, a Bengaluru based organization, came and introduced themselves. They were a group of professionals who were certified mountaineers and experts in various adventure sports. They set the agenda for the day: we were supposed to follow the ground rules they set. Soon the batch was split into three and were taken to respective fields of activities. The first activity for my group was in the sports complex of IIM Trichy. The group was again split into subgroups. After getting introduced to teammates, we commenced our first activity.

The team leader was called and he shared the rules of the game. It was plain and simple. Everybody would be blindfolded and all you had to do is to make a perfect square shape using the rope that was given. This activity seemed to be simple, but it was challenging. All you could use were your ears to listen to the instructions. My teammates were very cooperative and we adopted a quick strategy to move forward and make the square. We ended up making a near perfect square and emerged as the winners. The takeaway was the ability to coordinate with team by clearly following instructions and quickly responding to the situation.

Soon we were taken to the next activity, the most thrilling activity of the day. We were shown the activity of rappelling, an activity of moving down from a height using double ropes. It seemed to be easy when the experts displayed the activity and taught the security measures. Soon the enthusiastic ones were all ready to take the descent from the four- storied hostel building. Being a non-sporty person who is usually afraid to carry out adventurous sports, I decided to go late. Soon my chance came. I was all armed up in helmet and waist ropes, and reached the top of the building. My heart started pounding and I did not want to do rappelling. How much I tried and requested, the instructor did not allow me to quit. He was kind enough to make me confident and assured all safety. My heart skipped a beat when I suspended myself using the ropes, without holding anywhere. It was a
moment of adrenaline rush and soon I started descending from the top of the building. The cheers of my friends and instructors made me to believe myself and I was able to complete the task. It is said that the scariest moment is the one just before the start. I experienced it myself and learnt that it is essential to say yes to new adventures if you want to test your abilities.

The next activity was called as ‘A frame’ and it was intended to teach co-ordination and communication among the members of a team. Teams were made to make frames in the shape of letter A using bamboos and ropes. The activity was to transfer a team member on the frame, from one end of the ground to the other. It was a difficult activity and required a lot of co-ordination, mutual understanding and communication. Additionally, there was a scope for mishaps due to lack of communication. By following the instructions and working with the team, we were able to complete the task successfully. Activities that followed imparted a lot of lessons that a manager needs to understand.

It was indeed a unique learning experience for me and the takeaways were really valuable. There is no limit for what one can learn and a classroom is not essentially the one made of brick and mortar. I learnt to come out of my comfort zone and learn more from every experience. I am indeed grateful to my institute IIM Trichy for redefining what is learning and giving a new vision to all of us. Also, my words of gratitude to the team from Activ8 who facilitated this experiential learning in the best possible way.

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This article is written by Anju G Nair- Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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