Learning Sustainability At IIM Shillong – Rishabh Jain

IIM Shillong was established as the 7th IIM in the country with an objective to bring business and management expertise to the North East region. Since its inception, college has been focusing on Sustainability as one of its core values.

In today’s world we have been focusing only on development and in the process we have forgot that many of the natural resources are available only in a limited quantity. Sustainable business is the one which can remain operational and profitable socially, economically and ecologically as well. This three tier approach to sustainability is the key to prosperity of the future. Today, we have seen many consulting firms have come up with their departments catering to sustainable consulting as businesses around the world are getting aware about their responsibility. Not only the businesses but political leaders and governments around the world are now actively involved in discussions around sustainability, most recent one being the Paris Climate Change treaty.

Students at IIM Shillong are well equipped to handle such needs of the future along with the functional managerial capabilities that they develop in the span of two years. The first thing that student goes through when he/she comes in this beautiful campus is a one week long module on sustainability, where they are taken through various facets of it and its implementations via different domain knowledge experts. Students are sensitized about how they can have sustainable businesses without compromising on costs or profits.

At the end of this week long program, they go for sustainability trek to feel one with nature and experience the nature in one of its most virgin forms in Sacred Groves of Meghalaya. This leaves a long lasting impact on their heart and soul and the concept of sustainability is engrained in them. Apart from the the module on sustainability, students also go through a core course in Sustainability and Business, where they are taken through live cases where companies faced problems when they did not pay heed to the issue of sustainability such POSCA and other cases where companies successfully integrated the core concepts of sustainability and has been working profitably such as IKEA.

Apart from Sustainability, students of IIM Shillong have special skills in handling excel sheets, making presentations, doing authentic primary and secondary research, performing data analysis using sophisticated tools like R language and others. Students here have proven there mettle time and again in various companies and corporate competitions.

ABG Company I want to work for:

I want to work for Madura Fashion Private Limited as it is a company which I adore for the market positions that they have created for various brands that they have. Brands have been positioned so well as per the target customer that it looks like a marketing marvel. Being a marketing enthusiast it will be a great opportunity for me to start my career with this fashion house.

Rishabh Jain

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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