Learnings In The First Two Week – MDI

It was 13th June 2018, when I flew from Ahmedabad to Delhi, with lots of dreams and excitement, to my new journey. For whole year it was a tough situation to manage between busy work schedule and aspiration to excel in CAT. There was a kind of proud feeling that I did make through.

With the registration, I have started my day and that was the first time we went to the cyber hub and probably the last time for this trimester. On 14th induction started, which made me to feel that this week would be pretty chill. It was not long before my perception was changed, when I had attended the first lecture of the council. I have never felt that sense of fear in my entire life, I didn’t know why but I did.

Back to back submissions and deadlines kept on coming, 4 hours of sleep became luxury. Making one page CV, creative video and linked task really made me think that how come I am 23 years old and can’t write a page on myself. Some really good task, some random ones kept us busy for the whole 2 weeks. But those 2 weeks have really changed me through 180 degrees. I used to sleep 8 hours in the night, after that also I used to sleep in the afternoon. In this two weeks by only 5 hours of sleep made me run for the whole day with full energy. Even now it became like if I am taking the sleep of 7 hours, then I feel like I am doing something wrong.

After completion of induction, classes started. Right from the first time we have started getting cases, submission, presentations and on the other hand some tasks from different clubs and committees. The 5 days of KOK (Sports Event) event really helped whole division to come close. I was POC for lawn tennis, which really strengthen my learning about handling events.

Overall in this one month, I have learned, enjoyed and experienced lots of new things. I have made friends for life. Now I am pretty sure that with this knowledge, that I will get from here, and with the help of people, which I have met here and will meet in coming years, will help me to get through any difficulties I will have in my life.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.