What I Learnt With ‘U’ – Vaibhav Makhija, IIM Udaipur

I have been brought up in hometown in Aurangabad, which is a small city in Maharashtra. So being from a small city throughout my journey till graduation, I used to be with the people of the same community, the same place, there was no cultural diversity. So when I got the offer from IIM, Udaipur, I was a bit worried about how I will survive, how I will cope up with people from different diversity, people from different educational background, people with work experience. But after coming to IIM Udaipur, during the first week, we had a session of creativity, team building, and design thinking. These sessions helped in breaking the ice between the students from different culture, educational background. These helped me to think outside of the box, how to work in a team, how to lead a team. Also as we know, today data is the most critical thing available with people and also there is a lot of data available, so there was one session during the team building sessions, which thought us to concentrate only on what is important to you and rest all is waste. So these sessions also helped me in concentrating on things which are important for me to build the career and which things are just obstacles to deviate me from my goal.

In a B-school like IIM’s, there are different study group for various subjects and terms; this helps in communicating and building a network with your peers. The concept of the study groups is also important in teaching how to handle different kinds of people on your team, as in corporate we have to work in a group with different kinds of people. It also teaches you how and when to take up different kinds of role in a group. For example sometimes one has patiently listened to the comments and opinions given by other group members. Sometimes one has to act as devil’s advocate, he or she has to question all the new ideas or concept brought in by the other group members so as to make sure that there is no leak in the idea or the concept is watertight. Sometimes one has to take a role of leader and motivate the team to work hard and achieve the goal. So these are the two important things of the many things experienced IIM, Udaipur which I like the most.


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