The Legacy Of IIM Sirmaur

A beautiful location away from the main city, a lush green campus, an array of clubs & committees intended towards self-development, amazing faculty, friendly students .. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH .. And the list goes on …. Such similar string of words has been used time and again to make campuses across the world “UNIQUE”. But is that what actually makes a college campus unique?

Repeatedly following a legacy of continuously evolving processes has now become way too mainstream to be considered as being unique. However, the ability to create your own legacy. Well, who wouldn’t want that? And who won’t call that unique. This is just what students at IIM Sirmaur have believed in since its inception in 2015. The prestige of being a part of the IIM family, mentored by IIM Lucknow definitely gives a feeling of being born with a silver spoon, but the reality is different.

Residing in the foothills of The Himalayas, on the shores of the river Yamuna, is the campus of Himachal Institute of Technology (HIT), which is temporarily housing IIM Sirmaur. When the 1st batch of PGP started in September 2015, the campus was just a structure of bricks & mortar. There were no clubs or committees, no infrastructure, hardly any administration or in-house faculties, and certainly, no friends. The aspirants were sceptical about joining IIM Sirmaur as it was just another “Baby IIM”, with no history. Still, 22 students decided to embark on the journey of making an institute. Since then, IIM Sirmaur has seen 3 batches in their PGP course & the 4th batch was recently inducted in July’18 with the number of students rising to more than 4 times.

Students across batches sat together & deliberated vigorously upon things that they had never known. Setting up the clubs & committees, naming them, drafting the constitution, setting up rules & regulations, getting quotations from various vendors to help develop infrastructure for sports, ranging from a badminton court to a fully operational 24-hour gym, the students have done it all. The small batches ensured that everyone knew everyone, and everyone had to do everything. Each student had a dream, an idea & this campus gave us a platform to bring everything to reality. TEDx, Industrial Meet, Leadership Summit, International Immersion Program in Slovenia (2017) & Milan (2018), celebrating International Yoga Day (2015-present), Women Start-up Program (2018) Bootcamp. All these events have been successfully conducted in this campus in less than 3 years.

They say “The greatest legacy one can pass is a legacy of character and faith”. This is what our little time in this campus has taught us. There are still a lot of things that need to be worked upon. We fight, we confront each other, but this place is magical. It always fixes everything & makes us work together as a single unit. What makes this campus unique is the campus itself.

“ABG Unit”

Being one of the largest conglomerates in India, The Aditya Birla Group offers a huge variety of employment options. However, I would like to be associated with Hindalco as it is a major player in an industry that has always depended on continuous evolution in terms of their operation and other several management dimensions.

Being an ace in the aluminium rolling industry & other non-ferrous metals, yet efficiently managing waste ensuring minimal environmental impact. Working for a company with such with a knack of sustainable management and great appreciation for employee provides an apt environment for excelling as a professional.

– Karan Yadav


IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.


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