Less Noticeable People Of IIM Trichy

10 days into my IIM Trichy journey I have interacted with many people. My fragile memory fails me often when it comes to recalling faces and mostly while matching faces to personality descriptions. However some of them have successfully nagged their way into a mention in this article.

Presenting the most noticeble batchmates I have come across in IIMT.

GAGAN:- This man was solely responsible for instilling the self-belief in me that I will be able to converse with the SRCC crowd in the future without needing a dictionary or hiring Shashi tharoor for translation. He is very humble as he successfully converses with us in hindi without using sign language as is expected from the blue blooded breed who proudly declare that even the grass grows in english at their Alma mater. On a serious note, he has been a very positive influence on us by showing that studies assignments classes and sleep can coexist in IIM Trichy. He has a wry sense of humour which tickles you long after the time for appreciation of its wit has passed. An indispensable part of any group, gathering or congregation.

Sonu – If Poker players had the hots for comedians and somehow did the dirty deed then we would have this guy. An expert at poker face humour ( sorry for the bad imagery in the preceeding line ) he will leave you in splits when you least expect it while maintaining the expression of a surgeon inspecting the innards. Apart from this enviable trait he also happens to be an entrepreneur in his free time and also a teacher. Yes you read that correctly while most people can’t figure out what to wear tomorrow this guy maintains a website justbazaar.com and also coached children wanting to excel at CAT. Beat that rest of the batch!

Kratika – Bursting with the infectious energy and enthusiasm of a child and unmindful of the consequences of anything she does akin to a drunk adult. She definitely steals the show with her presence and childish ignorance. She provides me with a compulsory dose of nostalgia every now and then of my time as a fresher in my job where I used to get eye rolls when I told my colleagues on a Wednesday that I partied late last night. Miss those days.

Ishaan :- He is our go to guy whenever we need to communicate with the residents of our host city. Without him, we would be like a bunch of rugrats clenching and opening fists in exasperation to convey the most basic emotions on our city outings. He is our bridge in this seemingly foriegn land. He seems to have picked up this superhuman ability to speak understand and read Tamil over his 5 year stint in Chennai at an IT MNC which is pretty impressive as I have lived 3 years in Mumbai with an embarrassing assortment of Marathi words I pass off for vocabulary.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given a chance I would like to work for Aditya Birla Asset Reconstruction Company (ABARC) because I have always been fascinated by the concept of Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs). For the past decade NPAs in PSBs have been the elephant in the room whenever India has been tagged as an underperformer. As an optimist I tried researchning for possible solutions among which ARCs stood out and if i will get a chance to work in ABG then it would undoubtedly be ABGARC.

This article is written by Sakshi Verma – Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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