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Summer Internship Placements are probably the most crucial days of the 2 year MBA in India. It makes or breaks careers of many. Every recruiting partner of ours that we have interacted with over the last 2 years has suggested moving to a Summers Only hiring policy followed by PPOs. It is well-known fact that fewer companies are interested in the final placements process. Given that placements start as early as first week of August on many campuses, the academic scores of the first term of the 2 year MBA has also been rendered almost irrelevant. In such a scenario, targeted preparation for summer internship placements has become a priority.

To help the first year students in business schools across India be fully prepared for their Summer Internship Interviews, we have created specialised courses in our own unique style on our platform konversations.com. The courses have been created by ex-IIM, XLRI and TISS alumni who are currently in the industry and have gone through the interview process themselves. The content covers the subject matter as well as the softer aspects of cracking interviews. The content has been designed after taking inputs from our campus recruiting partners.

We have 4 courses of 2.5 to 3 Hours each on

– How to crack a Sales & Marketing Summer Internship Process
– How to crack a Banking & Finance Summer Internship Process
– How to crack a Human Resource Management Summer Internship Process
– How to crack a Operations & Supply Chain Summer Internship Process

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All of the above together costs less than 1% of the tuition fee that students pay for their 2 year MBA. However, in terms of impact, the time and money spent on this could yield life changing returns.

We will be developing more learning content as we get feedback from you. Get started with Konversations now. Let us help you crack your dream company.

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