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Anil Kumar

True, libraries at IIMs are an extremely underutilized resource..The magazines and journals that come to the libraries are unmatched..However i think students as well as the PGP program people share the blame equally for the under utilization of libraries.. on one hand most of the cases or projects do not need much of library type research and secondly because of the packed schedule whenever students get time they think of investing in other activities rather than going to the library.. I think most of the IIMs have so much freedom engraved in the hostels that at least couples don't have to go to library to have some private time..I mean come on it’s not an engineering college library that you see people trying to get some private time in a least it’s not the case at Indore To increase the foot fall and for better use of the digital databases, the professors should give such projects that require using these data bases..However, this culture has to be cultivated into main stream academics..It is something which cannot happen just develop on its own..

17 May, 2011 |

Charan Iyengar

@Anil Kumar, The PGP Program could be blamed along with the students, however the point being we would like students to take some initiative. This is also not the first time anything is used for the wrong reasons. The freedom of B-schools hostels is never in question. It is just that libraries look a different place because couples end up studying together and end up doing chit-chat basically spoiling the ambiance of the place. In IIMK, there are enough projects and competitions that require a healthy use of the databases.Even a little use of library resources actually differentiates your work from anyone else. However it is a choice we make - the easy choice or the right choice.

17 May, 2011 |

Manish Parmar

@Anil Kumar, I think you are right when you say that it is the choice of the student to use the library for any kind of project irrespective of whether it involves deliberate thrust from the faculties or not. If one goes to the library and tries to research any topic, she is most likely to get some unique insight about the topic. Especially if one is participating in any competition, the insights derived from library search definitely provides a unique edge!

17 May, 2011 |


Cant agree more!

22 Sep, 2011 |