Life After IIM – Post B-School Experience Of Siddhant Guralwar

For those who were misled by the title, this article is not about the life after graduating 5 years ago from a b-school, but it’s about the life JUST after passing from your college (kind of what I am going through right now!)

What prompted me to write this article is:

1. I have loads of free time

2. People are busy enjoying their Grad trip and I am sitting at home doing nothing

3. I really have no work to do

Yes! This is the immediate life after you graduate from a b-school (at least for me)

However, there are many things that my colleagues are doing right now. Since I graduated in February from IIM Indore, I have to wait till the March end for my convocation and probably till mid-May for the joining in my company.

This time for many management graduates is both the most fun time and boring time of their lives. Even the geeks of my college (who never set a foot outside the campus) seem to be enjoying on their lavish grad trips.

To elaborate further, here is the gist of what happens after you graduate:

  1. The Great Grad-trippers: Alas! The rigour of 2 years of MBA got over (pun-intended) and we can finally enjoy carefree with our friends on trips without worrying for the surprise quizzes and assignments. Needless to say, half of my college mates are in Goa and the other half are tripping North-east (I wonder if there is any other place to roam but sadly you will find your mates in either of these two places only).

2. The Workaholic ones: Some unlucky (or lucky depending on how you think) folks got their joining letter or already joined their organisation. These folks are both happy (because they are already earning good bucks) and unlucky (because they are missing the Me-time or the Grad-trip fun). However, these folks are the most sought after people because they are constantly contacted/bothered by “velle log” about their company and work culture and bugging them to forward a referral to the HR for them.

3. The Loners: Few lone-rangers who want nothing but high-speed college WiFi and “Mess ka khana” are still residing on campus. Or maybe I got them wrong and they have become so nostalgic that they don’t want to leave yet. Anyways, these are the folks who will stay there till convocation just roaming around the campus with their Junior Gf/Bfs :p

4. The Social Worker: Don’t get confused by the header, these people are not the ones who indulge in some social and charitable cause in their free time. These are the ones who sit on social networking sites all day and night putting old selfies (#throwback) and commenting on other people’s posts. They are literally the most “berozgaar” people in the whole world who are waiting for the joining date from their organisation. They do counter-productive work and are literally a pain in the ass. (This is what I am right now)

The above-mentioned points are the things that we do after passing from a b-school.

But one thing is common among us all and this is something that we will always do. Whenever we get free time, we will sit on our laptops viewing old pics of the two most wonderful years of our lives. We will remember the time when we had parties and outings and sleepless nights. We will remember those nostalgic walks around the campus at late nights, sitting for hours at the Sunset Point with friends and gossiping till we pass out. We will remember those days as if they were just yesterday and we will remember the people in it, because they are always going be there in our lives. :’)

Siddhant Guralwar