Life at MDI-Murshidabad

We all forayed into MDIM with our variegated experiences and surfeit of dreams, though still privative and lumbering. MDIM soon became our platform and our entourage in chiselling and honing ourselves. Be it the ruthless pragmatism which the industry so vehemently venerates, to the bestowal of business praxis, you witness it all here. From day one, there hasn’t been a single day where we haven’t added any value to what this emphatic place has endowed us  with already.

From faculty that constitutes doyens and humdingers from the industry, to a pedagogy that transcends the mere tome based learning and calls for sheer contemplation and deliberation, every single day at MDI-M has been stupendously invigorating. MDI-M is a place which closely emulates the professional realm.

We are made to compete, we are made to liaison and we are made to strategize. Startling is the fact that here education suddenly assumes an enrapturing and engrossing character. I would confess consuming lozenges between the lectures, but I’d also proclaim I’m craving to attend them more and more..!! Here we seamlessly keep moving from the intellectual platforms to that occasional opportunity to act or shake a leg, all astonishingly under one single roof. The campus is a mélange of activity – Of those guffaws in the hallways and those feeble conversations in the library and labs, to that hallowed canteen which houses some of the most scrumptious of delicacies which its visitors so ardently savour, students and dignitaries alike. This institute, so replete with energy and ebullience and so enshrined with vigour, has become much more than an abode for us all. And it is only after coming here that one begins to spend every day of one’s life thanking the Gods for this cherished gift, this wonderful opportunity. This feeling, this enigma, it’s simply ineffable..!!



Suprakash Mishra

What is the admission process at this institute ? what is the last year CAT cut off ?

Sujoy Ghosh

Similar to MDI Gurgaon based on CAT, academics & diversity but the cut off is lower somewhere around 75 percentile. Advantage of applying to MDIM is while the CAT cut off is lower but with the placement assistance coming from the parent institute as of now, the campus offers can be pretty well.