Life At MDI

The City Gurgaon & The Days Away From Home

Gurgaon is probably the worst city that I have been to till date. It is a city developed in dust with worst air quality and is very hot and humid with temperatures over 40 degrees even in June and July which is very uncommon from the place I come from. Before reaching Gurgaon, I was happily enjoying the South-west monsoon in Hyderabad which hits the city in early June. But with the change of the cities, I had to face the hot summer once again and this time with a greater intensity. Adding to these challenges, there is the problem of the local language and the discomfort with the food differences I had to cope up with.

The Classroom Troubles

The main challenge which not just I, but all the students at MDI have to face is to stay awake the whole day which is filled with classes and incendos after burning ourselves through the whole night with various assignments and projects. And when the excellent faculty at MDI hits you with courses like Managerial Accounting and Economics, your brain absorbs only about 50% of the subject and refracts the other half. With this semi-understood knowledge, you enter the next class always expecting the unexpected quiz where the time allotted for the test is sufficient only to read the question and not to answer it.

The One MDI

Amidst all the troubles which one faces, there is always someone to help. The system is set up in such a way that there is always a connection for people to work together and to help each other. Seniors, as their part are very helpful too. Their role started from inducting our junior batch to the life at MDI to helping every one of us academically and to impart special skills through various clubs and committees. They as mentors and with a special preparation team help us in achieving the best placement offer in the industry. Not just the seniors, but the diverse peer group comes together in helping each other and reducing each other’s weaknesses. The fact that we, the students at MDI are competing against each other remains a secondary focus and we as MDI competing with the students of all premier institutes takes the centre light.

The ABG Company 

I, as, a person get fascinated with technology. With the new age technology driving the digital bank ecosystem, I would love to work for Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank Limited. They have a simple product which provides innovative solutions. Being someone who loves challenges, I would want to work for the new age product and drive it into the market and customers.

Placecom MDI

The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.