Life At XAHR

MBA is a kaleidoscope of experience which exposes students to a variety of life events that can help a student in ensuring holistic growth and a happening campus plays a paramount role in doing so. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar is surrounded by a lush green environment, a few kilometers away from the city’s hassle which brings a kind of serenity and peacefulness in its surrounding which indemnifies the stress and pressure of an MBA life.

Beside its beautiful infrastructure, the diversity that students receive is something exceptional as our campus hosts several other specialized schools related to Rural Management, Urban Management & Sustainability Management which is idiosyncratic to this place. Jesuit Society adds further to its mélange by providing us with the vision to achieve a greater good (Spirit of Magis). Being the first Digital University of the nation, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Since the day of my arrival in the campus, there has been no single day where I have not seen a beautiful sunrise, a captivating sunset, and a spellbinding nightfall. During the night, when most of the students are exhausted and tired because of their assignments, it’s the Xcafe which provides us with the 24/7 service and acts as a godsend. Though most of the things that I’ve mentioned may get mundane after a period of time, the fact that Bhubaneswar hosts a number of tourist spots such as Puri sea beach, Nandan Kanan, etc which is at the most 2 hours drive from our XUB campus, keep things enthralling and exciting. So any day when one is not feeling to the best of his potential, he will not have to brainstorm a place to go.

It’s never easy for a person from a different state and ethnicity to gel up with people of other cultural backgrounds, but this fascinated me a lot when almost all of the staff workers, faculty, and seniors were so cordial and understanding with the new students. The amalgamation of these facets of my campus makes it a unique one for me.

ABG Company I would like to work for:

I would like to work for ABG Fashion & Retail Ltd. in these initial years for carving my career path because I believe that I would be able to align myself with the company’s goals while ensuring maximizing my learning by being exposed to the highly challenging retail market. This would for sure develop my capabilities to deal with complex business processes and problems and generate the best feasible solutions to them. It being a major player in the field of Fashion makes it a more attractive option for me, because of my sheer inclination to work in a field where creativity is thrived upon.


Aditya Parasar

MBA-HRM, 1st year