Life At C-9 – IIFT


Life at IIFT has been short but has never fallen short of stories. Right from the meticulously tailored induction program to the current knowledge transfer sessions, every second of those past few days has been a test of character. Well I guess, so is the case in every premiere B-school. I suppose that, IIFT stands out of the crowd in various aspects, be it the curriculum, the functioning, the rigor and many more. But if I were to pick one to talk about, it would be the fancy name “C-9” you get to hear.

Located approximately at a distance of 800 meters away from the campus, C-9 is one of the three hostels that IIFT hosts its students in. While the city of Delhi chokes under the grip of air pollution, we “C-9 errs”, well this is how we are usually addressed as, get the privilege to walk along the historic Sanjay Van and breathe in some fresh air.  If Sanjay Van adds to the aesthetics of it, you have a flurry of dhabas adding to the gastronomies too. You begin at Babloo and you end up at Diwaan Saab, and never would you find a day when you fall short of options. And undoubtedly Diwaan Saab, exactly adjoining the C-9, is the most happening place for C-9errs, especially those late-night refreshments to keep you awake.

Final word, an affluent infrastructure embedded with all the inbuilt facilities and luxuries, these are not something that depict a C-9, a bunch of 64 energetic future managers basking under the camaraderie, the ever-accessible maintenance and support staff and not to forget The Diwaan Saab, these are the elements are that make a C-9.


The Aditya Birla Company I Want to Be a Part Of

 Getting an opportunity to associate with Aditya Birla Group is a privilege in itself, but given a choice I would like to be a part of Ultra Tech Cement Limited. Infrastructure in the state is set for a boom and with the government pushing its focus on improving the current scenario by bringing out various schemes like the Smart Cities Mission, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and many more in the list I believe that cement industry is going to play a very crucial role in the upcoming years. And undoubtedly Ultra tech cement leads the pack in this race. Being someone who has always had the opportunity to stay updated with the industry, thanks to my father’s job, I believe I carry a fair bit of an idea of how the industry operates and would definitely love to take that forward.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee