Life At The Campus In Clouds – IIM Shillong

Today the CAT is going to take over the dog, tomorrow the world.

So many or ‘not so many’ of us live the dream every year to get into the brand IIM. I got into the youngest amongst the oldest and oldest among the youngest school of this distinguished brand; IIM Shillong – the campus in clouds.

There are so many things about this campus that make me express gratitude in abundance for having been able to make to this place. There are so many things that set apart, this not so old, not so new B-school from the others in the family.

It’s typical to expect certain things when you talk about the brand IIM -sleepless nights, tight schedules, deadlines, race against time, competitions, opportunities, meeting place of the best minds. Life at IIM Shillong has all of this to offer, but with a sweetener, in case you feel too bogged down with the rigour. The campus and life here are so beautiful which cardinally help relieve the pressures every now and then.

At B-Schools, where days are long and nights are longer, classes run from morning till evening, followed by assignments, inductions and group work, it is obvious to feel the pressures of new life; emotions start to pent-up, with little time available to oneself to reflect. Even the ones who think they have come well prepared for the ride will once for sure accede to pressure. Here, the immense, unbearable beauty of Shillong’s setting would come to one’s rescue. With nature in its most pristine form, it’s difficult to be stressed for long.

 I love the fact that we have a small batch size. The incredibly diverse cohort of students adds to the experience here. Peer learning is at its true best. In my study group is a girl who has done psychology, a boy who is from animations and another girl who has studied pharmacy. There is a give and take of knowledge like nowhere else. A major part of this is possible because of the small batch size. The camaraderie that runs effortlessly between the members is what distinguishes us from the other B Schools.

Also, what I like about the school is how our ‘not so little’ family bonds. It is a tightly knit clan. It is home, away from home, for 360 of us; we laugh together, we cry together, we celebrate together, we mark the victory of PPOs of our family members together. The hostel committee brings out little surprises and gives reasons to bond like the Sunday biryani; the cultural committee ensures that no festival goes uncelebrated; the sports committee engages even the non-enthusiasts with their events; the bonding becomes evident with the no-lock policy. Nobody misses classes because nobody woke them up. It’s a part of the bro-code. We live like a big family.

What I like the most about this college is how one can effortlessly remain fit. Within the campus, walking the slope up and down to reach classes and then back to the hostel helps one shred the few extra kilos that one might gain while sitting and studying. These refreshing walks are what each student here is going to miss when we leave this place.

Lastly, about the professors, we have some of the best teachers from the academia who make subjects real and alive.

My new home and the family nudge me to express love and gratitude. How about you? How do you express your love to your family? Or are you too proud to express it to them?

Yukti Rajpal

Yukti Rajpal IIM Shillong PGP 2018-2020